Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez - The Week in Review

Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez – The Week in Review

Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez - Kenneth Holland

Uncle Facebook, General Patton, and Hacking Tai Lopez – The Week in Review

Ok…I admit it. My shopping is NOT done. Everyone has their holiday gift strategy all buttoned up by the 15th, right…

So while I brave the malls full of screaming Johnny’s and the goofy Verizon guy telling me I need 17 lines of the best ‘something or rather’ (I swear he follows me everywhere I go) here’s what you need to get caught up on in the world of Facebook and the benefits of having George S. Patton as your mentor (now how cool would THAT be?).


Why I deserved to be fired by my mentor due to my ‘holiday’ excuse…

General Patton notwithstanding, everyone should have a mentor. But don’t expect him/her to be your babysitter. Or even worse, don’t be a flake…like I was. Successful people have little time for fools…

Facebook to Crack Down on “Engagement Bait” – What You Need to Know

“Please Like me!! And pleeeaasse Share me….and while your at it, tell below how cool I am!” Looks like those days are over. The Grandaddy of Social Media is cracking down on enticing people to interact with your posts…and they ain’t fooling around. And you shouldn’t be either. So put your pants on, get out of your neighbors house and read this.

The Journey of a Million Dollars Begins with a Single Buck

Put down the “Make $200 over and over just staring at your computer screen while repeating ‘the internet is my personal ATM with no work involved'” and slowly back away. Let me show you how business REALLY works. This may come as a shock, but it’s going to take…*gulp*…work. It’s ok…*hands you a cold cloth*…read this. It’s called…’Grow the F’ Up‘.

iPhone External Microphone Adapter Setup for Video [Tutorial]

I don’t know about you, but I’m not Tai Lopez or Grant Cardone. I want to be able to do videos, have it sound good, and not have to hire The Discovery Channel full-time to do it. Here’s my solution. Even Don Lepre would be proud.

Play the long game…or do you want it all now?

Isn’t it great that with the internet we can make a shit-ton of money in a matter or weeks? I mean…like MILLIONS? That Amazon guy (Jeff Barthalimeiu or something like that) did it, right? Oh…he didn’t? You mean he lost money for 6 years?

Chiriaco Summit and the General George S. Patton Memorial – Dot Com Travel

Truck stops. Tanks. College football. Hand lotion. Need I say anymore? Only in America I tell you!!


Ok…you’ve finished reading this, and I’m still not done shopping. I got sidetracked at that store that has the massage chair, fell asleep and woke up to the Verizon fellow and the bespectacled Sprint dude standing within 1 percent of each other arguing about fruit cake.

Happy Holidays! My social links are over there (>>>>>>>). Come hang out 🙂

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