Why I never enter a giveaway

Why I never enter a giveaway

Why I Never Enter a Giveaway - Kenneth Holland

People love contests…I get it. But if you’re after results why would you leave anything to chance? That’s why I never enter a giveaway…

Tis the season of giving…

…otherwise known as ‘retail’s mission to reduce your bank account as much as possible for a month’.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the holidays. But I think as I get older I become a bit more cynical with all the holiday product ads we get bombarded with…especially the car ads: ‘Merry New Year honey…here’s proof of my love…hope I spent enough on the new Beamer for you!’



Which I think is why I was never excited by giveaways…and why I (to date) have never run one.

Lately I’ve seen a bunch of ’em. Russell Brunson has an iPad giveaway for example. Bill McIntosh (he’s been around for years) just started one where he’s giving 10 of his popular courses to one (?) ‘lucky’ winner.

Not interested…

Why you shouldn’t enter a giveaway

I think it’s because I don’t operate on the ‘chance’ mentality. I’ve made it pretty clear what I think of lotteries. I operate on more a ‘certainty bias’. I gravitate more to things that I can control and affect the outcome.

In business, this is a must.

For me, when I see these, I’m like…’bleh’…next. Give me a short tutorial on how to DO something.

Give me a nugget of value. Now I’m listening.

Again this is just me. If you like entering contests, that’s great. They ain’t gonna hurt you and you might get lucky. But don’t base your future or your business on them. Think of them like entertainment.

Now, in full disclosure, I might test doing a giveaway now since writing this has given me ideas. I’m ALWAYS for testing (as you should be as well).

As I mentioned above, I’m not a fan of lotteries. And it’s not about the odds of winning (nil) as much as it is the message it sends your brain. They’ve done studies on it.

My takeaway: Focus on things that challenge you to get a result. Obviously in business, results are everything. So push yourself to achieve whatever goals you have set…and make them CHALLENGING.

Every successful person alive employs this mantra in some form.

They don’t leave it to chance.

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