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Jim Jones and the Social Media Koolaid


jim-jonesHey…do you remember Koolaid?

Do you remember Jim Jones?

In 1978 good ol’ Jimmy ran what was now famously known as the Peoples Temple…a crazy-ass cult ran by Jones who was the classic nutjob who got 918 of his cult members to swig Koolaid laced with Cyanide which completed the largest known mass suicide in recorded history.

Nice guy.

Apart from the over 300 children that perished in this tragedy (unimaginable to even think about), no guns were put to those grown-ups’ heads when they sealed their fate by drinking the concoction.

‘And what does this have to do with Social Media?’ you ask?

Plenty.Continue reading

Will You Marry Me?


creep-guyIt’s amazing what true love can do…

…even in mere days, or sooner.

So last month I had a friend who met someone and in no time were engaged to be married…

– They met at a bar…they started chatting, which led to dancing and numbers exchanged.

And get this…

…they got engaged when they were walking to their car!


Yes it is.Continue reading

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In

What are the pros and cons of Single Opt In vs Double Opt In?

For those entrepreneurs who appreciate the power of email marketing, list building is a fundamental part of the formula. When experienced marketers say “the money is in the list”, they should be taken very seriously.

A well-managed list will provide an endless source of revenue and is a valuable asset to any business. One crucial step in determining how a list is built is whether or not to use the single opt in or double opt in method of securing subscribers.Continue reading

Aweber Segmentation Tip: ‘Double’ Your List Size Immediately

Aweber Segmentation the Kenneth Way

Aweber Segmentation the Kenneth Way

One of the main priorities of an email marketer is to always be increasing the size of their list. But just as important is to be able to get more of your existing subscribers to open your messages.

With this in mind, I want to show you an Aweber segmentation technique you can use to send the same message to your list more than once and potentially get double your subscribers to open that message.Continue reading

‘The Leads are Weak? You’re Weak’

'The Leads are Weak...Youre Weak'

‘The Leads are Weak? The %#@*&$# Leads are Weak…Youre Weak’

“The leads are weak? The &#$%@#@ leads are weak?  You’re weak.”

Anyone who has seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross knows this line well.

The movie depicts the lives of four burnt-out real estate salesmen who become desperate when a corporate trainer, played by Alec Baldwin, comes in to their office to tell them they’re all about to be fired unless they start making sales.

The Baldwin scene is well-known and become iconic not only for its scathing message about performance in the sales world, but the graphic use of profanity.Continue reading

Email is Dead: Long Live Email


Email is Dead - Long Live EmailAlmost every week I read a story, post or blurb on social media all claiming the same thing: Email is DEAD!

Well…of course it is!

After all…with the great invention of social media no one even uses email anymore.


Wrongo.Continue reading

Confirmed Opt In No Longer Required for Aweber Imports

aweber confirmed opt in list options

Aweber no longer requires you to use Confirmed Opt In when you import leads

Moving any of your online data to another service is never fun and can be downright nerve-wracking. Who wants to risk losing some of their data?

Well, if you have email leads and want to move them somewhere else, online autoresponder service Aweber has now made this process MUCH easier.Continue reading

Google Rolling out Gmail Spam Filter Update

Gmail spam filter update

Google is rolling out a new Gmail Spam filter update so you catch more of your ‘good emails that get lost

Are you a Gmail user that has had issues missing some of your email? I occasionally lose some of mine only to find them in my spam folder.

Gmail is rolling out a new feature update which will show your emails that are accidently caught in your spam folder when you do a search of your regular inbox.Continue reading

The New York Times’ Successful Email Newsletter Strategy


New York Times Email Newsletter StrategyWith most brands centering their online marketing around Social Media , an old publishing stalwart is utilizing a savvy email newsletter strategy and finding success.

The New York Times, one of the oldest newspapers around, has launched 33 niche-based email newsletters (12 of them on the last year) and is enjoying a high open rate and an extremely engaged audience due to an aggressive email newsletter strategy:Continue reading

How to Answer Email and Become a Millionaire

Answer email and become a millionaireYes, it’s true! You can make millions in the next 30 days by sitting around working 2 hours a week while you answer email

Well, no you can’t.  But you’ll certainly struggle to make money online if you refuse to answer email from your prospects and customers in a timely manner.Continue reading