Email Marketing with Led Zeppelin

Email Marketing with Led Zeppelin


UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 01: Photo of LED ZEPPELIN; L-R: John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham - posed, group shot, sitting on car bonnet - first photo session with WEA Records in London in December 1968. (Photo by Dick Barnatt/Redferns)How would you like 1 MILLION email leads for $5.00 for your online business?

You average ‘JUST’ $0.01 (one penny) per month per email and you’re making a cool 10K a month!!

And it cost you just 5 bucks!

After all…you just got 1 MILLION emails on your list.

Now THAT’S Internet Marketing!


No, it’s not.


This is precisely what was promoted by a new member on my exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group (which I trust you accepted my invitation and joined, right??).

I explicitly state in my group rules:

No scammy drivel.

So this blowhard goes and posts:

‘1 MILLION email addresses for 5 bucks and to go see him on Fiverr to purchase.’

Of course I moderate my posts to help protect the world from these hucksters (I’m giving like that).

I promptly deleted his post, sent him a computer virus, and then sent him an email telling him not to post junk in my group…and that being in my group is a privilege, not a right (kinda like driving).

He then promptly quit my group.

*sniff sniff*

Be gone thy scammer!

NOTE: Ok, I didn’t send him a virus, I just put ExLax in his milkshake. I don’t want to be mean ya know.


More often than I want to admit I have to talk an internet marketing novice down from the ledge that gets hoodwinked in to falling for this stuff.

So let me run this down so it doesn’t happen to you:

You cannot get 1 million email leads for 5 bones and expect to make ANY money, much less have a real internet business.

Firstly, people who peddle this garble get these ’emails’ from super-old lists or databases or fake bot clicks (not real emails in the first place).

They are DEAD emails….at BEST.

Now here’s the fun part:

If you’re able to find a reputable email autoresponder service provider that will let you import those emails to send out they will shut you down…likely after your first email blast to that list.

Now here’s the funner part:

If you continue to try emailing in this fashion you could be facing criminal charges.

Yes my friend…

That is called spamming.

And Internet Service Providers do not like this too much.

Nor does ‘The Man’.

There are much more legit ways to get leads that actually put money in your bank account.

And yes, I will be getting to that in the VERY near future so make sure you open and read my emails.

Because I’ll tell you…most people don’t have a clue how to do email marketing.

I do.

So watch for that.

Now…the lesson for today is:

Scams are scams are scams.

If it sounds too good, then that means either…

1. Led Zeppelin finally decided to reunite, will be playing in my pool area next week and I’ll be playing the drums…

(none of those three are happening)


2. It IS too good to be true and don’t freaking buy it!!

Now that you know not to get taken in by the internet version of Kathy Bates…

You need to spend your 5 semolians on something that will actually help you.

And Dean Holland’s Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret is just the ticket.

$4.95 is all he’s asking (to cover shipping) so he can get it in your mits.

See? Not only did I save you a nickle but I also kept you outta jail. 🙂


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