Email, Facebook Custom Audiences...and Cigars [Dot Com Vlog 6]

Email, Facebook Custom Audiences…and Cigars [Dot Com Vlog 6]

Email, Facebook Custom Audiences...and Cigars

Email, Facebook Custom Audiences…and Cigars

Dot Com Vlog #6 brings you the best in shopping, food, cigars and an introduction to proper email marketing with Facebook (well maybe not the shopping).

Although competition grows every day in the online business space, most marketers are too lazy to adopt the latest strategies in order to grow their business.

Tune in and I’ll give you an intro…

Email, Facebook Custom Audiences…and Cigars [Dot Com Vlog 6][VIDEO]

Shopping for a White Shirt

Nothing suggests “I’m not a serious shopper” more than going to buy a white shirt. I do not like clothes shopping and need to hire a shopper to do it for me. But I did give it a stab at the Scottsdale Fashion Square…

Bourbon & Bones…I Can’t Stay Away…

If you’ve watched my previous Vlogs, you already know my love for Bourbon & Bones. GREAT Happy Hour and it sets the stage for my favorite post-dinner ritual…

Padron 3000!

Yes…and YES! Nothing says “great dinner” more than a great cigar…namely a Padron 3000. And to the anti-smoking contingent, tune in for my response. Once you hear what I have to say, you’ll be lighting up by the end of the day.

Email and Facebook Custom Audiences

Email marketing is STILL a vital component to your online business, but 99% are not utilizing this ONE strategy that is a GAME-CHANGER for reaching your leads.

Make sure to go check out my Vlog, leave a comment and join my Email Insiders Group. I’m going to show you how to get started in this business and actually get results (cigars not included).

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