The Email Bully and My Retargeting Revenge

February 9, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

I had a good friend that had to deal with harassment of a digital nature...and she nicknamed her 'the email bully'.

This 'email bully' wasn't so much overtly threatening my friend as much as she was trying to clog her inbox. She would send 5-6 HUNDRED emails in a day. And as far as I could tell (although I'm not an NSA cyber-grad) she was sending them manually.

Yeah...that's a lot of emails. (how on earth would she have time to stuff her gob with the bon bons?)

Now, I'm not minimizing in any way people who DO get bullied and threatened. It takes a special kind of pond scum that will stoop to that sub-human level.

But it does remind me of my experience on quite a few occasions where this classmate of mine in elementary school would try to steal my snacks by punching me in the back.


But I had my revenge.

...and so did my friend on the email bully...

So what did

With the help of some savvy and talented computer nerds that I knew, we applied some crafty and some witchery retargeting-style tracking on that pompous wench.

The result? No more emails from the email bully.

You might ask, what's retargeting

It’s the ability to grab the information from someone who visited your website or an ad you’re running (or if someone sent you an email....hehe!). With that info you can run further ads (or further 'communications') to that same visitor, massively increasing your awareness and/or conversions because that visitor has seen you before.

It is very powerful.

Chances are you’re not doing it. And that’s ok…for now.

What I do (this is not new) is take all my subscribers to my Insiders email list (if you haven’t joined my Insiders List I suggest you do here) and put them in a retargeting file in my Facebook account. I then run ads to that audience...and it grows my email list so I can put my skills to work.

The result is a massive increase in conversions and awareness.

This, my esteemed disciples, is how online business is done. It’s not bugging your ‘friends’ list on FB trying to strike up a conversation about your newest ground floor MLM.

That (as I have said repeatedly) is not a business.

You'll want to become familiar with it. Because it's a game-changer as you advance to the higher ranks of online domination.

By the way, Jeff the bully (that I spoke of above) never bothered me again as I retargeted him, Kenster-style (5th-grader speak for I punched him). But you don’t have to suffer the same fate. Just do 2 things:

Don’t try to take people’s lunch money.

Start learning email marketing...then add retargeting.