Your Email and Blog Content Questions Answered

Your Email and Blog Content Questions Answered


email and blog contentI get a lot of questions from people asking about email and blog marketing…specifically what should they post on their blog and what should they send in their emails.

Read on (and watch my video from San Diego) as I answer these and a few related questions…

Your Email and Blog Content Questions Answered [VIDEO]

What Autoresponder Should I Use?

First off, you MUST build an email list if you have ANY kind of business online. I’m not going to cover the why (you can read about that here). If you’re a beginner I highly recommend Aweber. Aweber has been around for years, they are a solid company that does a great job and they are very affordable (watch my video to get more info).

How Often Should I Email My List?

This is an often debated topic. There is no ‘right’ answer but here is what I do: I email my list every day. Watch my video where I expand on this.

What Should I Email my List…Put in my Blog Posts?

This is especially daunting for beginners. Don’t let it overwhelm you. If you’re just starting out, a great strategy is to curate. Here’s aan example: ’13 Great Sources of Content for Your Blog’. Write a brief intro and then a closing and you have some great content that people will love…trust me! Go watch my video as I explain this.

Why Do I Keep Hearing About Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Because it’s going to explode. And now is the time start building your chat list. Watch my video where I give some tips and message frequency and what platform you can use for CHEAP!

If you want to start seeing success online you’ve got to start building a brand. The above strategies are just a starting point but they are time tested and still kick ass.

The key is to start now.

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