Why Duplication in Network Marketing is a Myth

May 17, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'Duplication in Network Marketing has long been touted as 'the escape hatch to financial freedom' for the little guy. Here's a reality check on the matter...'

Network Marketing is quite the buzzword in the online business world. Let’s face it: It has the unflattering reputation of a hypey, get-rich-quick scheme and this label has dogged it for decades.

And you know what? Most of it is deserved.

Between unscrupulous MLM owners, seedy con-man distributors and naive newbies being the promised the world (and the beach) in 6 months, no wonder its reputation is dubious at best.

Network marketing duplication is a myth because new distributors are constantly being told that they can create a network of distributors which will, in turn, create THEIR own network....thus the 'duplication'.

In theory it sounds fantastic.

In practice it just doesn't happen.

Duplication in Network Marketing: The Numbers Summed Up Quickly...

From most metrics seen on the web less that 1 TENTH of ONE percent see any duplication in their downline. Another way of putting it is the conversion rates are abysmal. 

Why is There No Duplication?

This is summed up simply: Most people are lazy. And when most people are lazy, you don't get them doing any real work....and that equals little to no duplication.

This is Actually a Good Thing...Just Not for Network Marketing

Having a somewhat large percentage of people who do not produce leaves a wide open field for the hustlers and go-getters to make hay in their business.

I talk about it in this post. It perpetually leaves a large prospect pool in which to fish from.

You might ask, "but wait...if they do nothing that doesn't help anyone". 

It actually does, because there will be more people over time who 'come around' and decide to take action. I've seen it (and continue to see it) countless times in the last 20 years. That's why business is for the tenacious...the ones who play the numbers, keep at it, and who don't waste their time on unproductive people.

The myth on building downlines for you

If you can't duplicate your downline, then just get with a company that will build your downline for you.

Problem solved.

Or not.

Building downlines for you is just another lie, because of the law of multiplication.

Think about it: One distributor....or even the company itself starts 'plugging in' new reps in to your downline. After a few 'levels' of building, there is simply not enough production (aka, the rate at which you must bring new distributors in to fill one's downline) to sustain the build.

2 equals 4 equals 8 equals 16....and on it goes. You cannot fill that over time...not even close.

It's fantasy math.

You QUICKLY run out of steam. There's not enough 'new blood' to fill the organizations as they expand.

When you really think about it, it's actually one of the biggest cons in the home-based business industry.

What's the Answer? Is Network Marketing a Scam?

The short answer? No. Just don't buy in to the duplication myth.

Find a program that's 'top heavy'. One that pays the bulk of their commissions directly to you and has maybe 2 levels below, max.

If you go any deeper, the commissions per level is miniscule, and not a long-term profit solution.

Duplication (or the lack thereof) doesn't solve that.