Downtown Palm Springs Nightlife - Dot Com Travels

Downtown Palm Springs Nightlife – Dot Com Travels


downtown palm springs nightlifeIf you’re ever in the Southern California desert, I highly recommend you take in some downtown Palm Springs Nightlife in beautiful Palm Springs, California.

I lived near downtown Palm Springs several years ago, and I always loved being able to walk from my house to downtown, where you can enjoy great dining, dancing and just the overall California desert culture.

Downtown Palm Springs Nightlife [VIDEO]

I can’t possibly show you all there is to do in downtown Palm Springs in one video, so here’s a good sampling that will never do you wrong (make sure to watch my video):

LG’s Prime Steakhouse

No dinner tonight (I’m more of an appetizer guy), but some awesome Crabcakes, Wedge Salad and great wine starts things off on the right foot. 🙂

Palm Springs Fudge and Chocolates

I had to stop in and plan my dessert strategy for later, so PSFC has what I need…

Cigars and Sonny Bono??

I skipped the cigar on this night, but there are some great cigar shops in downtown. Then I had to say ‘hi’ to Sonny….I think.

Bill’s Pizza Palm Springs

This is my favorite pizza. Bill’s pizza just kills it! So many great combos they’ve thought up (try the Charlie Sheen…SO good!).

Las Casuelas Terraza

The hub of all things downtown. Las Casuelas is your basic Mexican Restaurant but the nightlife is awesome! Bands every night…and everyone is always having a great time! Go see Hector or Ramiro for a tasty Marg!

Village Pub

I was a little sarcastic on the video about VP, but they have great beer and a young, rowdy crowd. I’m getting too old to go in there….:)

Sammy G’s Tuscan Grill

Love this place! Great food, great bar with dancing featuring The Evaro Brothers! They play some great dance music and are the nicest guys! Tell them Ken sent you!

Spa Resort and Casino

One of my favorite Casinos. Not too big, not smoky and and a great vibe. I had to avoid the anti-video casino police (watch the video)!!

Also, check out my other post on Fantasy Springs.

That’s it for Part 1, Downtown Palm Springs Nightife. You can’t go wrong with the above. Part 2 coming soon!

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