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Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern (aka IGNORING The Feedback)


channeling your inner howard stern - Kenneth HollandAs humans, we’re naturally wired (in most cases) to crave acceptance and approval.

We are social creatures and as such have a need to be in a ‘community’.

However, there are endless stories of people who went ‘against the grain’ in business (and life in general) in their quest for success…and as a result achieved individuality.

Radio legend Howard Stern is a perfect example of this…

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Youtube Demonetization Explained and What it Means for You


youtube demonetization explainedYoutube is now going full force with its plan to demonetize up to 90% of Youtube accounts in its ongoing effort to appease advertisers to increase its bottom line.

So if you are (or want) to run ads on your Youtube videos and aren’t eligible then read (and view) on…Continue reading

Subscriber calls me out for not showing him the love…Kenster responds…


subscriber love - Kenneth HollandGot an email from a subber that’s on my fantastic and renowned insiders email group who was a bit put off.

He started off by complimenting me on my ‘positivity and genuine thought-provoking stuff’.

“I cannot help but be touched.” (Sidebar: what movie is that line from??)

Usually when I get an email that showers me with love, I know what’s coming next:Continue reading

You’re going to stick that little tube where…???


You’re going to stick that little tube where…??? Kenneth Holland“Well…what we’ll do is book you to come back for a Cystoscopy and check out your bladder first and make sure everything is in order.”

My doctor gave me a deadpan look and then started scribbling stuff on his ‘pad’ (which I’m POSITIVE he couldn’t read either).

“Um…so doc…what is a Cystoscopy?’ I asked hesitantly…deep down thinking ‘shat…I’m not going to like this…’Continue reading

The Cryptocurrency Crash: What We Can Learn Going Forward…


cryptocurrency crash - Kenneth HollandThis past month has seen quite the bloodbath in the cryptocurrency markets.

All the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum really took it on the chin as investors sold off in droves.

So what can learn from this going forward…?Continue reading

Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business?


Are You Chasing Train Wrecks in Your Business? - Kenneth HollandIt has happened to all of us.

You’re out and about…enjoying your night with friends.

You meet someone. They’re great looking. Witty and funny. (Seemingly) self-assured.

But then it starts to come out.Continue reading

How Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are Out to Destroy You…


amazon uber airbnb - Kenneth HollandOn Thursday we learned that Sam’s Club was (IS) closing 63 stores and laying off 11,000 workers.

This is to make way for their expanding ecommerce operations. Translation: This is a cost-cutting move to not only save money but to be more efficient and competitive with the likes of Amazon.Continue reading

Facebook’s Huge Newsfeed Change – What You Need to Know


Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Change - Kenneth HollandFacebook is about to roll out a BIG change to its newsfeed algorithm…and it IS going to affect what you see going forward.

In a post on the Facebook’s newsroom blog, founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg outlined what they are doing but more importantly whyContinue reading

Why Sam’s Club (or just about any other employer) isn’t going to need you…


Why Sam’s Club (or just about any other employer) isn’t going to need you… Kenneth HollandLet me just get right to the point:

Sam’s Club is Closing 63 Stores

Walmart is closing 63 Sam’s Club stores across the US as it moves in to ecommerce…Continue reading

Facebook’s Algorithm Change, Running Ads on Your Blog – Dot Com Live

Facebook's Algorithm Change - Kenneth Holland

Facebook’s Algorithm Change, Running Ads on Your Blog – Dot Com Live

Today I’m answering some of the recent questions I’ve received regarding Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Change, the value of blogging and more juicy marketing tidbits.

So let’s get the party started…

Facebook’s Algorithm Change, Running Ads on Your Blog – Dot Com Live [VIDEO]

Should I Blog? …And should I run ads on it?

There seems to be somewhat of a growing consensus that blogging is a waste of time. It’s no. The mere fact that billions of web pages are searched every day is evidence of this. I also go deeper in to this as well as running ads on blogs and overall monetization. I also talk about automated news sites.

Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Change?

Has Facebook rolled out an algorithm change for personal profiles? Here’s my take… Also, I talk about mastering just ONE traffic source.

Should I Buy a Large Email List?

Someone asked me if they should buy an email list that was offered for sale to them (2 million names for $375). Here’s my answer.

More Crypto Madness

Are in Cryptocurrency? That’s the question I get 10 times a day. Watch my video to find out.