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People That Don’t Respect Your Time: How Should You Respond?

People That Don't Respect Your Time

People That Don’t Respect Your Time

People that don’t respect your time is usually the result of people not knowing what they want and them not valuing you as a person.

To be successful your job is to identify when this is happening and respond quickly. Let me give you some personal examples…Continue reading

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Updates: What You Need to Know

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Updates: What You Need to Know

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Updates: What You Need to Know

Facebook has posted to their Messenger Newsroom page outlining impending updates to their Messenger platform and how third party services can use it.

This comes in the wake of their privacy/data controversy and in my video I’ll give you my take on what it means going forward.Continue reading

Twitter Cracking Down on Bots & Automation – But What Are They REALLY Doing?

Twitter Cracking Down on Bots & Automation

Twitter Cracking Down on Bots & Automation – But What Are They REALLY Doing?

Twitter announced last month that they are severely limiting the use of bots and automation by users of their service in an effort to combat spam.

While this is certainly true, I will tell you what I think they have planned as a result of this latest update.Continue reading

What the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal Means for Online Marketers


Facebook Cambridge Analytica ScandalThe Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal has been dominating the headlines for the last few days with people wondering just how much their personal data is at risk.

But let’s look at how these missteps might affect online marketers that advertise on the social giant.Continue reading

Senate Hearing on Cryptocurrency Yesterday: Regulation is Coming


Yesterday The Senate Banking Committee along with the Securities and Exchange Commission issued testimony on possible upcoming regulation that might take place for the Cryptocurrency industry.

What’s interesting is that the sentiment of the hearing was in many ways a positive outlook for Cryptos going forward.Continue reading

Tesla Pushes One Step Closer to Ending the Power Monopoly


Tesla will start selling its solar gear for the in approximately 800 Home Depot stores starting in the first half of this year as the famous electric car giant makes a major test push in to the home consumer market Bloomberg reports.

Lowe’s may also join the fray to sell Tesla’s solar offerings.Continue reading

Accountability Groups? What…are we still in Kindergarten??


“….annnnndddd, when you buy in to our super-wiz-bang-make-3K-by-tomorrow biz-opp you’ll have access to our sooper-elite Facebook accoountability group to keep you on track…..uh….uh…..

When can I throw up?

Much is made these days about accountability groups. They are supposed to ‘keep us on track’ and ‘to get that push from others’.

What rubbish.

Continue reading

How my hard drive almost drove me in to ruin…


Last Saturday morning.

I’ve got my steaming hot cup o’ Joe and I crank up the ol’ laptop.

While I let the computer warm up…I throw a few dishes (and a piece of pizza crust) in to the sink, wipe the counters down and sit down to start my day.

Then I look on the screen…

There’s nothing on the desktop.Continue reading

Why Cryptocurrency Should be Regulated


why cryptocurrency should be regulatedAnyone involved in finance, the stock market, home-based business and hell…even the regular ‘Joe’ walking down the street is probably now familiar with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

The metoric rise of this digital phenomenon really started in 2009 with the creation of Bitcoin. Since then hundreds of ‘Crypto-Coins’ have flooded the market with most of them being nothing more than ponzi-schemes.

Then in early January of 2018 there was a sizable crash.

Continue reading

Innocent Golden Retriever Beaten to Death by Chinese Police Officer – Can You Help?


golden retriever beaten to death

Justice for gentle golden retriever mercilessly beaten by police officer in China

Sometimes I wonder what happened to humanity?

When someone can inflict unimaginable cruelty on the kindest of creatures…no wonder many out in the world hate the human species.

I wish THIS was fake news (as opposed to the junk we get fed on the internet) but tragically it is not.Continue reading

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