Do You Act Like You Already Have It??

Do You Act Like You Already Have It??

Do you act like you already have it?

Do you act like you already have what you want? (me in my rock and roll days…)

Years ago I had a friend I was in a rock band with (my previous profession was as a musician) who was, shall we say…crazy!

His name was Chris.  He was a singer and was not lacking in confidence.  Ever.  We were both starving musicians (a common occurrence) trying to climb the rock and roll industry ladder.

So one night we have some girls at band rehearsal (another common occurrence) and Chris is ‘chatting them up’.  One of the girls says to Chris, “Man…for someone who doesn’t have anything, you’re really one cocky guy.”

Chris immediately shoots back at her, “Hey!!  I live my life like I’m already where I want to be…otherwise I’ll NEVER get there!”

He then says, “I’m a rockstar…just nobody knows it yet.”

and then says…

“I’m rich as hell…I just don’t have the money yet.”

Do You Act Like You Already Have Everything You Want?

I’ll never forgot that night or what Chris said. It was my introduction in to ‘self-talk’ and the power of…


And not just to act like you want it.  Believing that you not only can get it, but that you are already there.

I know.  It sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ but this very attitude can be transformational.

Act Like You Believe You Are Already There

Act Like You Believe You Are Already There

Whether you want to believe it or not, success of ANY KIND starts in your head.  It’s been proven, and the more you unconditionally believe that you can and will achieve something the more you will attain that desire.

Your brain can be your best ally.  But you better feed it the right information.

Do you REALLY believe?

Do you act like you own it??

Chris, by the way, has become an enormously successful businessman…

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