My First Vlog...Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

My First Vlog…Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

dealing with stupidity - Kenneth Holland Vlog

My First Vlog…Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

After countless attempts to get my Vlog off the ground…the first episode is here.

The content hasn’t been the issue…it’s technical.

I think Windows Movie Maker is junk (I’m betting you video junkies are laughing at me). Well onward!!!

My First Vlog…Starving and Dealing with Stupidity [Vlog 1]

Football Makes Me Hungry…Well Everything Does

[00:00] …and Trader Joe’s has the answer…

Take Your No’s Seriously

[01:25] Most beginner (and some experienced) internet marketers don’t realize the power of all the people who are on your email list or on your Facebook page (2 examples) who NEVER buy from you

Starting a Vlog is an Exercise in Frustration…

[02:29] …especially when you use crap software…

My Last Vent on Apple

[03:10] Apple slowed my phone down…and probably yours too. And I’m not happy. But at least I’m on my way to eat…

Big Ass Burger….or….NOT

[04:54] The Roaring Fork makes the ‘Big Ass Burger’ in Scottsdale. But they had other plans. So on the plan B…

Bourbon Baby!!

[05:46]…as in Bourbon & Bones. Already did a review on their Bar Burger. This time something different.

Let’s Go Gambling

[09:48] Actually I don’t gamble. But I like going to the Talking Stick Casino in Scottsdale. They have some great music and a great cigar bar.

Another Cryptocurrency Rant

[10:07] I’m at a loss as to why so many people THINK they have Cryptocurrency figured out. Let me help you: No…you don’t. Here’s why…

Paul Wells Kicks Ass

[13:00] I went in to ‘Shadows’…the cigar bar. And I was treated to some great blues from Paul Wells. If you ever get a chance…go see him.

That’s it. Episode 1 is in the can. Well, it almost was literally in the can! 2 will be better…I hope…






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