Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies - The Week in Review

Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies – The Week in Review


If you saw me on one of Instagram today, you’ll notice I was a pale shade of white (is that redundant?). I was holiday shopping. How do people do it? Likewise, how do people DO and NOT DO some of the things I ranted so eloquently about this week? I try to be helpful…but some just do not want to see the forest for the Christmas trees. Ok, that was bad. But if you want to know how to run an online business that doesn’t resemble Kris Kringle these posts will help…

Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies – The Week in Review

How to Increase Your Average Unsubscribe Rate in Your Emails (what??)

Some of my headlines sound like I might be the world biggest business sabotager, but there IS a method to my madness…as in ‘are you mad??’ Really. I’ll never understand why people go to great effort to build an email list only hardly ever email them. Isn’t that the point? Don’t answer that…I already know the answer. It’s this

Can I have some retargeting benefits with that email please?

It’s like rice and beans with your Enchilada (yes, I love Mexican)…you pretty much always get them. Well that’s the way it will be soon enough in the online world, except you won’t get indigestion. Come to think of it, you might if you don’t retarget. A lighter wallet has a tendency to bring out the Maalox.

Here’s What NOT To Do On Social Media…

‘Grab your iPhone. Put on your tutu. Snap a photo. Collect your millions.’ Don’t do these. Also, delete Kanye’s number from your speed dial and read this. You’re welcome.

This May Be The Biggest Beginner Online Mistake…

No, it’s not posting 5 butt selfies a day on Instagram instead of 14 (see above), it’s a much sexier mistake. It’s sexier because the ones who are NOT making this blunder will be shopping on Rodeo (with all the coin they’ll be pulling in) and you won’t.

The Damage Social Media Prospecting Can Do To Your Business

Sounds like one of those skin rash commercials, except I don’t recommend any ‘medicine’ with 4,936 side effects. Instead, take 2 doses of ‘I guess I need to learn some basic advertising and tried and true business building techniques’, don’t call in the morning and read this.

Why You Won’t Commit to Your Goals…

This is where I tell you (and me!) to sit on the long black couch (why is it always black?) and tell me (you??) about your (mine?) childhood. Now I’m confused. But it doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, sometimes the answers are simple. It just takes the courage to just do it.

Kenneth Holland is an 18-year internet marketing veteran specializing in lifestyle-business strategies online with a minimum of employees and overall fuss. You can read more about him here.

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