Why You Won't Commit to Your Goals...

Why You Won’t Commit to Your Goals…

why we won't commit - Kenneth Holland

It’s a powerful thing TO DECIDE that we’re going to do something. But so many won’t commit to their goals and aspirations. This may be why…


Just the sound of the word can conjure a feeling of…’finality’. ‘Lock down’.

But it can also suggest ‘solidarity’. ‘Discipline’.

Funny how a word can elicit different feelings and emotions. And they can oftentimes be very contradictory.

I sometimes reflect on the numerous occasions in my life when I could not…would not…commit to a endeavour, business or personal.

“Well, it’s a big decision.” I would reassure myself. And indeed, some decisions ARE big decisions and can create a good measure of uncertainty. And they SHOULD be carefully weighed.

Then there are ‘things’ that we cannot commit to…won’t commit to. And we wonder why.

It’s about failure. Knowing if something will simply work. But not just failure. What if whatever we commit to DOES work?

Was THAT what we really wanted?

Oh, my friends…I think about this often.

It becomes a double whammy that we create in our head. Because one of the most powerful things we do as humans is TO DECIDE that we’re going to do something. Once we have truly committed to our ‘decision’ we become truly powerful.

Keep this in mind: There are really no wrong decisions. Just decisions.

At some point you just have to commit. Because if you haven’t…you HAVE anyway…

“If you choose not to decide…you still have made a choice.”

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