Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern (aka IGNORING The Feedback)

Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern (aka IGNORING The Feedback)


channeling your inner howard stern - Kenneth HollandAs humans, we’re naturally wired (in most cases) to crave acceptance and approval.

We are social creatures and as such have a need to be in a ‘community’.

However, there are endless stories of people who went ‘against the grain’ in business (and life in general) in their quest for success…and as a result achieved individuality.

Radio legend Howard Stern is a perfect example of this…

Channeling Your Inner Howard Stern (aka IGNORING The Feedback) [VIDEO]

Stern has shocked audiences with ‘shock and raunch’ for years, and as result he has become enormously successful.

Read this transcript of a call-in between Howard and a caller where he attempts to give Howard ‘constructive criticism’.

Caller: “Now listen when I initially got on the phone I was more fired up then I am now. I wanna give a constructive criticism to the show.

Stern: “Not necessary.”

Caller: “What’s that?”

Stern: “Not necessary.”

Caller: “No, no but it is. You need feedback from…

Stern: “No I don’t. I don’t need any feedback. I come in here and I do what I want. What do I need your feedback for?”

Caller: “Because that’s where you figure out where and what…”

Stern: “No. I figure out what to do by me. I am in charge of me and I’m in charge of the show. I don’t need feedback. What I do need feedback for?”

Caller: “I thought you thought about it as a community.”

Stern: “If I thought about this show as a community, I’d be doomed. Your feedback is irrelevant.

Caller: “How dare you!”

Stern: “I’m telling you my process Evan.”

Caller: “I figured that I could…”

Stern: “Your feedback is irrelevant. Whatever your feedback is it’s irrelevant.”

Caller: “I’m a paying customer!”

Stern: “I don’t care. Then quit. I don’t care.”

Caller: “No you can’t do that..if…if…everybody did…

Stern: “Even, Evan, I can do it. I’m telling you your feedback is irrelevant. For my entire career I didn’t ask people their opinion on my show. I don’t care what you think. I care what I think.”

Caller: “That’s hurtful!”

Stern: “The way I became an innovator was to IGNNOORRRE the feedback. But the common man is…are you common, Evan?

Caller: “No I’m anything but common.”

Stern: “Well then, when the common man calls I’ll listen to him. You know who listens to feedback, Evan? Elvis Duran. Go call him.

Caller: “I don’t know who that is.

Stern: “He’s a morning guy. Z100 he’ll listen to you and they probably do all kinds of research.”

Caller: “Well ok..I…”

Stern: “Ryan Seacrest probably listens to feedback, he worries about what people think of him. I don’t worry about what you think of me.”

Caller: “Why not?”

Stern: “Because you’re irrelevant.”

Caller: “Of course you do.”

Stern: “No I don’t. I don’t care. If I have to listen to…a show that everyone loves is not my show. Most people don’t like my show.”

Caller: “See I think when you hear my criticism you’re going to appreciate it.”

Stern: “It’s irrelevant. But if you want to waste your time go ahead.”

Caller: “Ok, so, like one thing I’ve learned from you is the value of like psychology. Like…”

Stern: “I gotta go Evan you’re boring me.”

Caller “You’re boring me!”

Stern: “All right well there you go.”

Caller: “Fuck you Howard.”

Stern: “All right fuck you too.”

Yep…some people are definitely put off by this attitude…by Howard Stern…but you cannot deny his success. And part of that is being yourself, being provocative and NOT trying to please everyone.

You can play it safe, or be yourself and unapologetic. I don’t mean going out of your way to offend people…I mean just be YOU. Take a stand. Build YOUR tribe.

No matter what you do, not everyone is going to like you. But if you carve out your own niche…your own persona and plant your flag in the ground and proclaim ‘THIS is what I stand for’, you’ll get followers.

The ones that will believe in what you’re doing.

And that’s all you need.

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