Caught with their pants down...a tale of arrogance

Caught with their pants down…a tale of arrogance

They were caught with their pants down -

They were successful…and arrogant. They ignored the signs and as a result were caught with their pants down. Will you follow their lead?

It was the early 90’s…the blow, the women (and men), the payola and the good times were had by all.

Oh yes…it was the heyday of the music industry…the gloves were off.

And I had a front row seat.

I worked in a mailroom for a major music industry trade publication. They collected ungodly sums to promote new and existing artists. The artists would come in to grease our wheels to make sure THEY were getting greased.

BIG money. I saw firsthand. Trust me…I often ran the bank deposits.

But the cracks started to form…if you were smart enough to look…

This ‘internet’ thing started making the rounds. “There’s this thing called email.” people would say.

Most shrugged it off. “Fad.” was thrown around a lot.

But me and my mailroom cohorts saw it differently. Maybe it was because we were young and (still?) open-minded.

We started warning anyone who would listen…

“This web internet thing is going to change the music business. No one is going to buy CD’s.”

I’ll never forget one of my smart friends saying “music will be put in a file on a computer”.

We all know what happened after that. It changed more than the just the music biz, didn’t it?

The lesson is the same as it was 10,000 years ago: You better change with the times.

Here’s a sobering fact:

Over 85% of businesses that are here today won’t exist in 20 years.

No one has your back. I tell everyone who will listen, ‘…for those who make a ton in their career they’re probably fine. If not, those that don’t are gonna be caught with their pants down.’

‘They’ Were Caught With Their Pants Down…Will You Be?

There has NEVER been more opportunity to start a business with practically no money than there is now.

Never. But the masses are sleepwalking.

Why do you think I run this website?

Do I enjoy it? Yes. I love it. But there is a long-term method to my madness here.

I will take those who are ready to save themselves with me to financial independence.

I will take those who are TRULY ready not to make the same business mistakes I have.

Come if you’re ready.

For those of you standing on the sidelines?

There will be no belt in sight.

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