Breaking: Email Between Hillary and Donald Released!

Breaking: Email Between Hillary and Donald Released!


hillary-donaldBig news in the political world…

An email exchange between Trump and Clinton has been found and released.

Here is the exchange:

Donald: ‘Hey Hill, I need some advice on what to buy Melania for her birthday…at least I think it’s her birthday, so shoot me a text when you get a minute and we’ll chat.’

Hillary: ‘Hi Donny, sure…just email it to me here…it’s a little more secure.’

Donald: *falls off chair in laughter* ‘Tell you what…send one of your assistants over. That way we avoid electronic detection.’

Hillary: ‘Well I WOULD except all my help is gone because you deported their asses!’

Donald: ‘Whoa! I just said I MIGHT do that…I’m not even President yet!’

Hillary: ‘Yet?? Ha! Dream on rug top!’

Donald: ‘I wouldn’t talk human lampshade. Ok…just email it…geez.’

Hillary: ‘Ok cool. I just need to figure out how to configure my firewall before I send it.’

Donald: ‘Oh, I’ll be right over…I can help. In fact, I have someone that’ll do it and they’ll pay for it.’

Hillary: ‘Great. Oh criminy…the press is here…I gotta go hide. See you in a bit.’

Donald: ‘Yeah I gotta go too…China’s on the phone. Tell Bill I said hi.’

Hillary: ‘Will do. Later :)’


Look if emailing is good enough for these two fine folks above, then it’s good enough for you.

You don’t even have to send 30,000 of them, or email to China.

Just a few quality ones a week will get you in the game and give you ‘traffic at will.’

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