Bourbon and Bones Scottsdale Happy Hour - Dot Com Food

Bourbon and Bones Scottsdale Happy Hour – Dot Com Food


bourbon and bones scottsdaleI always love a good happy hour, and this week’s Dot Com Food takes me to Bourbon and Bones Scottsdale for their popular Bar Burger!

6 months ago I was traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona quite a bit for consulting with some internet clients. One day I asked a client a good happy hour to recommend and he said ‘you gotta try Bourbon and Bones Scottsdale’…they have a great burger!

Bourbon and Bones Scottsdale Happy Hour [Video]

Bourbon & Bones in Old Town Scottsdale has been around for about 2 years, and quickly became my ‘go-to’ restaurant for great Happy Hour wine and great food.

So at the urging of my client, I opted to tackle their ‘Bar Burger’.

But first…

I ordered a great glass of their house Sauvignon Blanc (I can never remember the name!) and then of course….

You Think Chips and Salsa is Good? How About Bacon?

It’s always great to have chips before your meal at a restaurant. But Bourbon and Bones takes it to a new level with free bacon!

Yep, 2 thick strips of bacon brought in a glass to accompany my wine.

I win!!!

Now, in all honesty I have not had dinner there yet, just Happy Hour.

But I’m told by virtually everyone I’ve met in the restaurant that there is a not a bad dish on the menu.

Here’s an excerpt from their website on the executive chef JOSHUA JAMES “J”AMONSON:

Executive Chef Joshua James Amonson has been bringing his immense passion for luxurious culinary creations to the Scottsdale area for over 30 years. Chef J, as he is known by his peers, has been serving up memorable dishes in the Bourbon & Bones kitchen since its inception. Chef J’s impressive repertoire includes serving as the executive chef of Preston’s Steakhouse in North Scottsdale, the sous chef at Mastro’s, and as an award-winning chef at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa while supervising culinary projects for the Marriott corporation in the western region.

Go check out my video to get some B&B flavor!

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