The 50th Borrego Days Desert Festival in Pictures

The 50th Borrego Days Desert Festival in Pictures


Borrego Days Desert Festival

As a lifelong desert lover and partial time resident I really enjoy attending the Borrego Days Desert Festival in Borrego Springs, California.

The Borrego Days Desert Festival is a yearly gathering of people, food, music, art and community (from Oct. 23rd to 25th) set in a beautiful desert valley about 2 hours east of San Diego. And I cannot overstate the beauty here!

The 50th Borrego Days Festival Was Great…as Always

This yearly gathering is put on by the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce and is generally considered the launching point for the new season in the Anza Borrego Desert where the snowbirds and vacationers (translation: RV’s!) flock in.

The Grand Marshal was Retired Marine Brigadier General, Mike Neil and everyone here is always very friendly…as is the case with small towns (Borrego’s population is 3-6 thousand…it’s higher during the off-summer months due to snowbirds).

If you’re ever in Southern California, make trip to the festival. You’ll have a great time.

Check out my pictures from the festival…

Borrego Springs California

People starting to line up for the 2015 Borrego Days Parade

Borrego Days Desert Festival Street

People Lining Up for the Parade

Veterans Marching at Borrego Days Parade

Veterans marching in the parade


Marching Bands at the Parade

What’s a parade without marching bands??

BMW Minis at the Borrego Parade

A BMW Mini club made their appearance…

Great flyovers at the Borrego Days 2015 Parade

Flyovers are one of my favorites in a festival. Some great old planes flew over…


Awesome Plane at the Parade

Miss Borrego and her court

Miss Borrego and her court

Christmas Circle Vendors

Some of the sponsors for Borrego Days

Vendors at Christmas Circle

Vendors show off their stuff

People enjoying the festivities

This is the beer and booze garden. Most people (including me) were in a fine mood here for some reason…

Xmas Circle

Lots of music in Christmas Circle ruled the day

MMM Sausages!

I had a big sausage sandwich…man it was good!

Night falls on Borrego

Dusk descends over the festival

Lucky Tongue at Christmas Circle

Lucky Tongue is a band that performs frequently in Borrego. They play 60’s and 70’s rock and are quite good

Carlees is the hot nightspot in Borrego to grab some grub and some drinks

Carlees is the local restaurant and hangout in the center of town. A great place to grab a burger…

Inside Carlees

Inside of Carlees

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