How to Boost Your Facebook Posts Using Groups

How to Boost Your Facebook Posts Using Groups


Boost Your Facebook Posts Using GroupsIn today’s Tuesday training I’m going to show you a cool strategy on how to boost your Facebook posts using groups.

If you’ve been trying to grow your Facebook page for any length of time, you already know that Facebook has severely limited the reach of your posts to the people who like your page. To those of you who aren’t sure what ‘reach’ is, it is simply the number of people who see your posts in their newsfeed.

I’m not going to go in to detail why they are doing this, other than to say it’s mainly to ‘force’ more people pay for advertising (I actually think this change is mostly a good thing and I address that HERE).

You may not want to pay for advertising…and I don’t blame you. In that case, you’ll love this simple little strategy I’m about to show you:

How to Boost Your Facebook Posts Using Groups [VIDEO]

[00:50 of video] First, You Need to Join Some Groups

Go to your Facebook page and do a search at the top for whatever niche/market you’re in. Example: If you’re in dog training then do a search for ‘dog training’. If the results are too narrow, then search for other related ‘dog’ terms. Once you find some groups, click ‘Join’ and wait for them to approve you to the group. Most will approve fairly quickly if they’re active.

[01:48 of video] Syndicate Your Posts on the Groups You Joined

Next you’ll take whatever post you want to promote (increase the reach for), highlight the link of the individual post (not the homepage) and then paste that link in to the group wall…just like you would if you were sharing something on your own Facebook wall.

[03:00 of video] Your Post Reach Will Now Start to Increase

Now when you check your post reach you will see that it starts to increase the more groups you share your post to. ‘Shares’ are one of the strongest factors in Facebook’s algorithm in terms of increasing reach.

[03:46 of video] IMPORTANT: Do NOT Share Too Quickly!

If you start sharing your posts on one group after another too quickly, Facebook could suspend your page. Take your time sharing your posts. You want it to look natural.

That’s it. A simple, VERY effective strategy to give your posts more visibility and all it takes is a little bit of extra time.

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