Black Friday is Coming...Wait...It's Crack Saturday

Black Friday is Coming…Wait…It’s Crack Saturday

Black Friday is coming - Kenneth Holland

Black Friday is coming…but you’re waiting until Saturday because you don’t follow the pack, you zag…not zig, you’re Jan…not Cindy…right?

My email gave me a beating yesterday like a cheap pimp at a furry dice convention.

Every time I hit refresh on my phone…27 more emails:

“Just 24 hours! 75% Off!”

“Get While the Gettin’ is Good! Everything Must Go for the Next 12 Hours!”

“Insane Mystery Coupon! 80% Off Your Next HO-Tel Stay!”

“Get Back to Me Now…My Clothes Are Off and I Can’t Wai……..”

(oops. I started reading my spam folder…scratch that last example…)

I think you catch my driftwood here…

This is why I didn’t post or email you. (Aren’t you just thrilled?)

When Black Friday Is Coming…No One Can Hear You Scream, Except The Checkout Clerk

Everybody and their Uncle Lenny stuffing your inbox with their ‘Black Friday is Coming’ promotions aiming for their sliver of the American Dream…you know…urging you to go pushing and shoving your neighbor to the ground like you never knew her while you grab that latest flat screen deal for 67 bucks. (…and what quality too! After all, that TV was made in Taiwan…score!).

If you’re in business you think you have to ‘play the game’ and join the herd to show the masses that you have VALUE. Give ’em a ‘spethal’.

No you don’t.

What you SHOULD do is ‘zag when the others ‘zig. There’s plenty of ‘ziggers in the world, and they hang out with your aforementioned Uncle Lenny.

What you could do is send a promo today, for example. I know, companies are already doing this.

Or…you could do…nothing.


Send out your regular stuff. Don’t bend over and cut your prices because some lame ritual says you have to. Because you don’t. If what you have is good, people will invest in you.

This is why I rarely send out ‘specials’. Why? Because everything I offer is a steal. Oh shirley, I do sometimes have a cut promo, but I don’t do it on Black Friday. I do it on Crack Saturday.

And just like yesterday…and the day before (and the day before that), I am offering my Strategy Consulting call. It gives you the chance to invest in a little of my time so we can see if you want to make some serious money online. Do I ultimately make you a paid offer? Of course. But you’re not obligated to buy anything ever.

(BTW…my paid consulting is ridiculously good)

Here’s what to do:​​

Take your hands off the neck of that mall security guard, slowwwwly step away…and go to the link below and fill out the short form:

Want to Make $367,000 by Next Week??

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