Bing Ran Google Ads While Drinking Patreon...Kinda - The Week in Review

Bing Ran Google Ads While Drinking Patreon…Kinda – The Week in Review


Another year in the books…I guess. I just said that because it’s the popular term…you know…makes me look cool and all knowledgeable. Where are these books anyway? Do they have a Kindle version? I still have my library card…

The past few days I blathered (rather intelligently I might add) about Mr. crooner and his fascination with tequila, cherries and social media. (did you know Bing has an Instagram account?) Anyhoo, let’s recap…

Why I never enter a giveaway

This kinda harkens (?) back to a post I did quite awhile ago…but kinda in reverse. Kinda. It’s the old ‘you don’t value what you get for free‘…kinda. Oh crappies! Just go read it would you?

Happy Holidays from Kenneth

The other night my brother and I were recalling how we thought Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ was a bit over the top with his vocal histronics…like he was trying just a bit too hard. I know…holiday blasphemy. My Dad didn’t like our criticism much either. And geezers…you think anyone could get away with a title like THAT nowadays? Me thinks not.

Why Google Adsense is not a long-term profit solution

Back around 2004 I made a fairly insane sum of Google Adsense income using a software to make spam pages (thank you Anik!). It didn’t last and the big G eventually slapped me on the rear like a stripper on a….I mean a disobedient child. What’s my point? If I had built a list instead I would still be making income from those efforts (and still have my clothes on). Here’s why…

The Patreon Controversy and the Control of your Content [VIDEO]

Tequila, cigars and a girl named Trixie. What we had was…oh wait: Patreon…the video sharing platform. People are up in arms over the latest brew-haha (spelling??) with the big P kicking big time creators off their site for ‘violating their terms’…even if they’re NOT doing it on their site. What? Yeppers. And now for the first time in my world wide webs career I’m scared.

Suffer From Social Media Phobia? Do This…

Yessir. It’s another installment of ‘Ken goes off on the whiners…part 532’. In today’s episode I grab my fellow man and shake him by the shoulders while I yell “wake up man! Don’t you see what’s going on here…criminy!” Actually parts 531 and before are the exact same show. Here’s the thing: “wake up man! Don’t you see what’s going on here…criminy!” See??

Hey…have you read my ‘About’ page? You have? Well go read it again! Please? It gives you the rundown on what I do…and what I might do in the future. Plus, it contains 7 vitamins and minerals.

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