It's time to bet on you

It’s time to bet on you

Time to bet on you - Kenneth Holland

The answers are inside you. You have the talent. You have what it takes. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to bet on you?

“You name him. I beat him.”

Boxing has always fascinated me from a psychology standpoint. I think most misunderstand the sport because it’s really not about violence as much as it is tactics…

…and confidence.

“If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.” – Floyd Mayweather

I’m not a Floyd Mayweather fan, but I admire his single-mindedness. His confidence. His unwavering belief that no one can beat him and he is willing to bet on himself and put it all out on the line.

But he does not let his anger get the best of him.

There is the now the well-known story of how Floyd tried to bet 400K on himself before his fight with Conor McGregor (they didn’t allow the bet). Knowing his personality and ego, I’m sure he wanted to bet 10 million.

He absolutely believed and knew that he would win.

You Better Bet on You…Because No One Else Will

I’ve learned through my own experience that if you do 2 things you cannot be stopped:

Always learn and work hard…and develop an unwavering belief in yourself.

Bet on yourself.

Bet on you.

Stop thinking someone else always has the answers.

YOU have them too.

You cannot be stopped if you master those things my friends.

But…there is one other thing to be VERY aware of:

Channeling your anger.

Anger can fuel you, unless you let you let it rule you. Be calm but stern in your quest for success. You think straighter this way.

Take it from me.

My posts this week have had a theme and some of them haven’t necessarily been positive. But there is always a method to my madness (like this one here). I love to push a point home in my quest to get you to THINK. To be different…and to be real. The world can be a messed up place folks. To get what you want you have to have guile and be willing to always get up when you get knocked down.

It’s time to bet on you.

No more waiting.

I’m in your corner.

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