This May Be The Biggest Beginner Online Mistake...

This May Be The Biggest Beginner Online Mistake…

This may be the most glaring mistake you are making in business as a beginner online - Kenneth Holland

This may be the most glaring mistake you are making in business as a beginner online. If you don’t address this you are DOOMED…

This may now be the most glaring mistake you are making in your online business.

I see it all the time…I talk to people about it. I argue with some…which is funny because I don’t know why I’m arguing.

And it’s this:

Beginner marketers’ unwillingness or inability to track and reengage their website visitors.

I got an email just the other day from one of my Insider Email members who was looking for advice on his business. He is running display ads and he said the following:

“I know how you feel about display type ads, and I know you think email marketing is much more effective.”

I think?



The Beginner Online Fails When They Don’t Do This…

An online business model that attracts traffic (by whatever means….paid or ‘free’) and then fails to grab their information in order to reengage or remarket…or retarget (the name doesn’t matter) is a DOOMED business model.

If you’re not building a ‘return mechanism’ for the traffic you are getting to your site(s) and/or landing pages you are DOOMED.

If you’re directing traffic straight to a sales page without capturing info you are cooked.

Doomed. As in out of business.

I cannot be more clear how vital this is. (I also have 15 mistakes you want to avoid that will really help you so make sure you check that out)

And all I mean by ‘return mechanism’ is a means to capture your visitors’ information so you can contact them again, repeatedly.

This could be an email address. But it could also be their IP address by way of a cookie so you can retarget them.

If it’s BOTH (highly recommended) then even better.

Every successful online business does this in some form.

Every. Single. One.

This ONE thing is so important I’m dedicating a good part of my new mastermind (coming out in 2019) to this very subject.

If you still don’t understand what I’m talking about then join my Email Insiders Group (form is on this page…use it…it’s free).

I DO NOT want you to fail. But you WILL if you don’t grasp this concept and use it.

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