Beating the Biz Opp Trolls for Fun and Prophet

Beating the Biz Opp Trolls for Fun and Prophet

Beating the biz opp -

Beating the biz opp trolls takes more than just fancy-pants branding on Instabutt. It requires a vision, persistence and crap-ton of this…

“Kicking tires just turns your shoes black.” – Kenneth Holland

People from all around the world will gladly send you money 5$ 10$ 15$! Get from people all over the world $10.000 thousand dollars a month. –

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You have such an opportunity in front of you…

Because the crap above is NOT a business.

Oh yes…the world is indeed competitive, but at the same time, it’s never been easier to beat the masses when there’s dung like this.

How? Start by doing the OPPOSITE of THAT. These ‘marketers’ are not only broke, but are being misled by the hacks that teach them success is a dishonest headline and a promise of easy-peasy.

Beating the Biz Opp Trolls: Investment over the ‘Quick Hit’

Ben Settle, one of the world’s best email marketers and copywriters, teaches an investment-minded approach to your business, as opposed to opportunity-minded or ‘loophole thinking’ as I call it. It’s based on…well, it’s based on nothingness.


It’s not real. Weak ‘tactics’ that are meant to remove money from your wallet in return for something that has no track record of results whatsoever.

Those are the opportunity-seekers.

Investment-minded buyers, on the other knee, are those who DO spend money on teaching and training (yes, at some point you will have to invest money) but take that knowledge and put it in to practice, day in and day out. They know building ANY business takes time and effort, and also know in time those efforts will pay them handsomely.

(NOTE: I strongly suggest you subscribe to Ben Settle’s newsletter. You will learn a TON from him.)

Beating The Biz Opp Trolls Takes a Long-Term Vision and…

We know that the prophet teaches and has a VISION.

Beating the biz opp trolls takes more than just fancy-pants branding on Instabutt. It requires vision, persistence and crap-ton of SIMPLE CONSISTENCY.

That’s it folks. It ain’t some secret loophole.

Oh sure, new tactics pop up from time to time, and you can profit from them as long as you also keep focused on the day-to-day proven strategies that have existed for over 100+ years.

You just have to decide which pill you’re going to take.

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