Aweber Segmentation Tip: 'Double' Your List Size Immediately

Aweber Segmentation Tip: ‘Double’ Your List Size Immediately

Aweber Segmentation the Kenneth Way

Aweber Segmentation the Kenneth Way

One of the main priorities of an email marketer is to always be increasing the size of their list. But just as important is to be able to get more of your existing subscribers to open your messages.

With this in mind, I want to show you an Aweber segmentation technique you can use to send the same message to your list more than once and potentially get double your subscribers to open that message.

NOTE: This short tutorial is for Aweber users but you can use this technique with any major autoresponder service.


Aweber Segmentation – 15 Steps to Increase Engagement

aweber segmentation subscribers

Step 1: Login to your Aweber account, find the list you want to segment, and click the ‘Subscribers’ tab

Aweber Message Not Opened tab

Step 2: From the dropdown, select the ‘Message not opened’ tab

aweber select broadcast

Step 3: Clicking the blank field at the top will bring up the ‘Select a Message below:’ dialogue box

Select the message

Step 4: Select the message you want to resend as shown above

search for message

Step 5: The ‘Burger’ message will appear in the box…then click ‘Search’

aweber segmentation

Step 6: All the subscribers who DID NOT open the message will now be shown

Save Your Segment

Step 7: Name your segment something you’ll remember and click ‘Save’

Go to Broadcasts

Step 8: Hover over ‘Messages’ and click ‘Broadcasts’

select sent broadcast

Step 9: Click the ‘View Stats’ link under the broadcast message you sent before

copy message

Step 10: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Copy Message’

Step 11:

Step 11: You’ll see your previously sent broadcast loaded. You want to put in a different title than one before to get more opens. Click Save and Exit.

schedule broadcast

Step 12: Under ‘Send Options’ select ‘Schedule a Broadcast’

who will receive this

Step 13: On ‘Who Should Receive This Message’ click ‘Edit’.

Select The Segment

Step 14: Click the segment you made and click ‘Apply’.

Send Message

Step 15: Click ‘Send’ to send your message to the segment you created!

Now you’ve sent the same message to people on your list who didn’t open it the first time. I now do this on most of my broadcast messages as I get more engagement and hence, more sales. 🙂

Segmenting your email list is a powerful strategy to increase engagement.  I hope this tip with Aweber email marketing helps you and if you have any questions send me a comment.

Here’s a year old video I did on the tutorial. Some of the steps have changed. I will post a new one soon.

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