How to Increase Your Average Unsubscribe Rate in Your Emails (what??)

How to Increase Your Average Unsubscribe Rate in Your Emails (what??)

Are you increasing your average unsubscribe rate in your emails? - Kenneth Holland

Are you increasing your average unsubscribe rate in your emails? Huh?? Yep. If not…you are doing something wrong. Here is why…

It never fails to amuse and warm the cockles of my heart.

Often I’ll get a reply from one of my brilliant, carefully crafted literary pieces of gold…otherwise known as my daily emails, that goes somewhat like this:

“Your email cracked me up!”

“I never thought of it like that. Love the way you framed that.”

Butt…then I will occasionally get this:

“You know you’re turning people off with the way you write.”

“I was very disappointed. It screamed ‘SALES’, and put me off completely.”

“I’m very thin-skinned and you offended me to the point that I have to stay home for a week and get government assistance!”

Ok ok……kkkkkkk….ok! That last one didn’t happen. I’m sure they didn’t stay home for the WHOLE week. *wink*

Now look my young, good looking (but not quite as hot as the Kenster!) disciples of fine taste, impeccable fashion and BOLD choices of who you follow on the interwebs (that would be me again)….

I encounter the same situation with the majority of my coaching clients (this very well could be you):

How to Increase Your Average Unsubscribe Rate…Email Your List for God’s Sakes!

You’re not emailing enough…or even worser yet, you’re not emailing at all.

This is a big problem because you’re not communicating with the market you’re trying to reach. And contrary to what some social media hack tells you, email is still the most effective way to reach your audience and produce sales.

But you’re not doing it, are you?

Time to start.

And back to increasing your average unsubscribe rate…

You want 1 of 3 three outcomes when you are emailing your list:

One…prospect opens your emails and eventually buys. Two…unsubscribes for whatever reason. Three…YOU unsubscribe THEM when they haven’t opened your emails.


You cannot be in an online business and be afraid of people leaving your list. You WANT that to happen because you’ll have a healthier list. And you can’t have a thriving business emailing them every two weeks.

You also shouldn’t email them just to pitch something down their gullet.

Give them value (I know…an overused term…but true) and entertain them (very helpful).

If you want to learn more then make sure to join my Email Insiders Group (any of my forms on this page will join you up with me at ZERO cost). You’ll learn the correct ins and outs of effective emailing that will set you apart from the ‘sheep of spam’, as I like to call them.

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