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Beating the Biz Opp Trolls for Fun and Prophet

Beating the biz opp -

Beating the biz opp trolls takes more than just fancy-pants branding on Instabutt. It requires a vision, persistence and crap-ton of this…

“Kicking tires just turns your shoes black.” – Kenneth Holland

People from all around the world will gladly send you money 5$ 10$ 15$! Get from people all over the world $10.000 thousand dollars a month. –

100% FREE: Discover how to EASILY generate “$688 a day” TODAY using this ONE SIMPLE Trick…

You have such an opportunity in front of you…

Because the crap above is NOT a business.

Oh yes…the world is indeed competitive, but at the same time, it’s never been easier to beat the masses when there’s dung like this.

How? Start by doing the OPPOSITE of THAT. These ‘marketers’ are not only broke, but are being misled by the hacks that teach them success is a dishonest headline and a promise of easy-peasy.Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You

Don't Let Your Pain Define You - Kenneth Holland

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You (aka get over yourself)

“I’ve never been the same after she died.”

She kept sipping her drink quickly in between her words, as if trying to constantly pour cold water on a fresh burn.

But as I sat with this woman I had met a short time before, she revealed that her friend had tragically passed away 5 years earlier, and it was clear she was not willing (unable?) to move on.

As we kept talking she told me she had several failed relationships, problems with her children…and all directly connected to the loss of her friend.

Don’t Let Your Pain Define You (If You Want Purpose and Fulfillment)

Now…you might retort:

“You don’t know what she’s going through.”Continue reading

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth? Kenneth Holland

Are you the meek that shall demerit the earth?

“Nothing to be done.” – Estragon from ‘Waiting for Godot’

It genuinely pains me to admit that in my 17 years of online and affiliate marketing there is but a one-word description for the vast majority of people I’ve come across that fail in business…and life:


I could cite numerous examples and tell lengthy stories to support my claim (I don’t have to as I know that I am right) that most people sadly never get close to their potential merely because they simply don’t fucking act.Continue reading

“Start your own online business…just $250 per eye”

Start your own online business -

“Start your own online business…I’ll only need your corneas for 20 minutes and then I’ll get ’em right back to you…”

“I’ll only need your corneas for 20 minutes and then I’ll get ’em right back to you.”

I’m seeing (and hearing) a ton of these ads now on TV and radio…

You know what I’m talking about. The whole Lasik eye craze.

“Call now! Just $250 per eye while supplies last!”

I know quite a few people who have had their peepers overhauled with this procedure so I’m not arguing that it works. I’m just rather surprised that this method of advertising works for a medical procedure that’s obviously considered sensitive…

But from the amount of ads it IS apparently working.

“Start Your Own Online Business”

This reminds me of all the ‘ads’ I see on Facebook…especially the spammy groups.

An example I just pulled up from .76 seconds of searching:

‘If you could use a extra $300-$500 a week. for spending $18 one time…Would it be worth it?’Continue reading

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire…The Great Fallacy

Talent Alone Can Make You a Billionaire - Kenneth Holland

They say talent alone can make you a billionaire…especially if you believe the latest Instagram meme showing your future jet. Here’s why that’s BS…

“Well, ya know…for me, the action IS the juice.”

(from the movie ‘Heat’)

So I’ve noticed a change with people’s attitudes and wealth…

In the past folks would say (about the wealthy) ‘they just got lucky’ or ‘I’m sure they inherited it!!’

I call it the classic ‘jealousy whine’.

But lately I’ve seen a reversal of sorts…especially on social media.

People going on and on about ‘crushing it’…going after that first billion, pictures of your private
jet you’re going to buy on Instagram…

“You can make billions…it ain’t hard…just go be a beast!”

Great. Most of it is garbage…Continue reading

Why Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work

why multi-tasking doesn't work - Kenneth Holland

How often do you see people who are great at more than ONE THING? This is one of the reasons why multi-tasking doesn’t work…

A few months back I read an interview of a singer named Bruce Dickinson, who fronts the famous heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Dickinson is also known for his accomplishments in aviation (he’s a licensed commercial airline pilot), fencing, writing novels and other pursuits.

He was releasing a book he had authored, and was asked by fan how he gets so much done with all he has going on in his life.

His answer was very illuminating.Continue reading

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates -

The Four Horsemen of the Affiliates want nothing more than to distract you with shiny objects, easy riches and no-work BS schemes. So what’s the answer?

…they ride in to town not bringing death, famine, war and conquest…

…they bring Facebook spamming, product-oriented pitches, no email list building and a get-rich-quick mentality.

People who are desperate search for the brass ring of riches…any way they can get it to avoid the inevitable stampede:

– Play the lottery
– Gamble
– Marry the rich dude (or dame) hanging at the hotel bar

Not the best of odds.

For some they set out to start their own business…

“I’m buying a franchise!” they say.

Not so fast…Continue reading

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted - Kenneth Holland

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

I never understood the lottery mindset.

You buy a ticket in the ‘hopes’ that you’ll ‘hit it big’. The odds of getting struck by lightning are greater.

At least with lightning you get some excitement out of it whereas the only jollies you’re likely to get with your ticket is the questionable-smelling clerk at the liquor store grunting at you..


(and hey if you play…that’s cooooo’. Whatever gets you down the buffet line)

Just 2 weeks ago there was all matter of hoopla because the U.S. lottery was up to a 768,098 gazillion dollars.

Yay! Sign me up…

Some people would rather waste 5 bucks on a Big Spinny (or whatever they call it) than invest some money that’s actually going to teach them something.

Like how to actually make money so you don’t have to play some rotten game of chance (designed to break you)…because I have a news flash for y’all:Continue reading

What You Must Learn About Lagging And Star Citizen

What you must learn about lagging and Star Citizen - Kenneth Holland

What you must learn about lagging and Star Citizen

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready.” – Hugh Laurie

I must start out by letting any gamers know who might stumble upon (sounds like a great name for a website!) this post that this has nothing to do with any ‘game mechanics’ slowdown or even Star Citizen directly. So know that up front my PC warriors.

Now, to my online affiliate minions…

Star Citizen is a computer combat game for gamers to play each other online in real time (called a ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ or mmorpg).

Now, why would I write about this you might be asking?Continue reading

Why Mom Was Right About Entitlements

why Mom as right about entitlements -

When I receive drivel like this, I’m always reminded why Mom was right about entitlements…and how so many haven’t a clue on being professional.

“I can’t follow or unfollow anyone now it’s so frustrating! I need help answer me now.”

This above…the latest ‘comment’ on one of my popular Youtube videos on the practice of rapid following and unfollowing on Instagram.

(…by the by, this practice essentially no longer works…so if you’re doing it, I’d advise cutting it out)

So my fellow here demanded I answer him. Hmm. Ok. But first, a couple of quick questions:Continue reading