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Don’t Wait…You’re Ready


You have everything you need…so don’t wait to claim your destiny…

youre ready

You Screwed it Up Again…and It’s OK


you screwed it upThey are all surprised you screwed it up.

You made a mistake.

Maybe you betrayed a friend.

Maybe you committed a criminal act.

Maybe you even committed adultery.

Maybe you even considered ending it all.

People are shocked you did the ‘unthinkable’. But maybe those very people threw stones with a vengeance…and a guilt.

We’re all so frickin’ concerned and horrified we might screw the pooch. Crash and burn. Commit an error.  Mess it up. Royally f#%$ it up.

The universe laughs at this. The universe laughs at you.

Why?Continue reading

6 Ways How to Deal with Self Doubt

how to deal with self doubt

Learning how to deal with self doubt is vital if you want to grow

We all go through it.  I mean…everyone.

The gripping anxiety of self doubt.

But not just doubt.  Self doubt and fear.  And they often go hand in hand…

Just last week, I was working on a part of my business (we’ll call it Project X) that I was overhauling to improve going forward.  This is something I really want to conquer to take my business to the next level.  It wasn’t going well and I was frustrated.  But then it started happening:  That feeling of doubt and questioning in my mind…in my body.Continue reading

Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name

get your own domain name

Getting your own domain name is a neccessary, simple start to branding yourself online

Are you familiar with Ted Cruz?  If not, he is a senator from Texas who is (at the time of this post) currently running for President of The United States.

I bring him up…not for a political debate (so no political comments please), but to illustrate why you should get your own domain name…in YOUR name.

Senator Cruz’ official site is at However, if you go to you get a warning page, and if you proceed after that you get…

a page promoting President Obama.

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WordPress Automatic Backup: A Must for Your Blog

Wordpress Automatic Backup

You must have a WordPress automatic backup system in place to protect yourself

It’s frankly amazing to me how many people I talk to that are blog/website owners that do not back up their site data.

Let me be clear:  Once you have your blog online and have put some content up you MUST have a system to back up your work that you’ve worked so hard to create.

And since we focus on blogging and wordpress around here at, you NEED to use some version of an effective WordPress automatic backup system.Continue reading

How Successful People Think – Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard on How Successful People Think

Brendon Burchard on How Successful People Think

Today I’m in Palm Desert after an awesome networking event I attended last night. It was very energizing to be around so many successful people and to be inspired like that.

It also reminded me how important it is to surround yourself with the right people if you want success in life. Yes…there will be a blog post on this very soon! 🙂

Today though I want you to watch this video by motivational author and online specialist Brendon Burchard on how incredibly successful people think.Continue reading

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In

What are the pros and cons of Single Opt In vs Double Opt In?

For those entrepreneurs who appreciate the power of email marketing, list building is a fundamental part of the formula. When experienced marketers say “the money is in the list”, they should be taken very seriously.

A well-managed list will provide an endless source of revenue and is a valuable asset to any business. One crucial step in determining how a list is built is whether or not to use the single opt in or double opt in method of securing subscribers.Continue reading

Internet Marketing Gurus that Feast on Your Blood

internet marketing gurus

Internet marketing gurus leave me with huge red bumps and freaking itching for days!

I’m from California and moved to Texas for about 4 years. And the mosquitoes were terrible. I always love hanging out in the back yard BBQ’ing with my Dad sipping on a cold Margarita…but then a few minutes later I’d feel something on my arm.

And there it was.

A nice large red bump.

And it was starting to itch.Continue reading

Aweber Segmentation Tip: ‘Double’ Your List Size Immediately

Aweber Segmentation the Kenneth Way

Aweber Segmentation the Kenneth Way

One of the main priorities of an email marketer is to always be increasing the size of their list. But just as important is to be able to get more of your existing subscribers to open your messages.

With this in mind, I want to show you an Aweber segmentation technique you can use to send the same message to your list more than once and potentially get double your subscribers to open that message.Continue reading

Beware of the Self Appointed Expert

The self appointed expert

We’ve all been bombarded by the self appointed expert…

We’ve all had (or have them) in our life…the self appointed expert.

It’s that person who seemingly knows everything about all subjects and is always ready to let you know that they do, all the time.  And here’s the thing: they usually have no knowledge whatsoever of the subjects they speak about.

Just What is a Self Appointed Expert…or Self Appointed Authority?

Now, if you read the definition of ‘expert’, you get:

‘A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.’

Yep.  This person knows his or her stuff about a particular subject or field.

The self appointed expert definition according to Collins Dictionary is:

‘…having assumed authority without the agreement of others.’

In other words…Continue reading