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Why You Won’t Commit to Your Goals…

why we won't commit - Kenneth Holland

It’s a powerful thing TO DECIDE that we’re going to do something. But so many won’t commit to their goals and aspirations. This may be why…


Just the sound of the word can conjure a feeling of…’finality’. ‘Lock down’.

But it can also suggest ‘solidarity’. ‘Discipline’.

Funny how a word can elicit different feelings and emotions. And they can oftentimes be very contradictory.

I sometimes reflect on the numerous occasions in my life when I could not…would not…commit to a endeavour, business or personal.

“Well, it’s a big decision.” I would reassure myself. And indeed, some decisions ARE big decisions and can create a good measure of uncertainty. And they SHOULD be carefully weighed.

Then there are ‘things’ that we cannot commit to…won’t commit to. And we wonder why.

It’s about failure. Knowing if something will simply work. But not just failure. What if whatever we commit to DOES work?Continue reading

The Damage Social Media Prospecting Can Do To Your Business

Social Media Prospecting - Kenneth Holland

How someone decided that Social Media Prospecting is a good thing is beyond me…unless you treat your business like a hobby. Do you want a real business?

“Here’s what the big earners do now…running ads is obsolete.”

And then he proceeded to show me the ins and outs of ‘leveraging your personal Facebook profile for big earnings’.

I lasted 4 days and finally came to my senses. “What the hell am I doing?” I muttered to myself.

This was 4 years ago, and I had just come back to internet marketing after a self-imposed ‘retirement’. I had been gone long enough so when I returned I made the mistake of listening to someone who talked a good game and had a ‘reputation’ (boy…did he I would later find out) of making big money (he didn’t) and that he had ‘cracked the code’ on Facebook.

‘Strike up conversations with people on your Facebook friends list!’ ‘Add new people every day and talk to them too…!!!’

Maybe someone has taught you this method. Maybe you’re doing some form of this now.

Best case scenario: this is NOT a long-term solution. Worst case (more likely): You are hurting your present and future business reputation.Continue reading

This May Be The Biggest Beginner Online Mistake…

This may be the most glaring mistake you are making in business as a beginner online - Kenneth Holland

This may be the most glaring mistake you are making in business as a beginner online. If you don’t address this you are DOOMED…

This may now be the most glaring mistake you are making in your online business.

I see it all the time…I talk to people about it. I argue with some…which is funny because I don’t know why I’m arguing.

And it’s this:

Beginner marketers’ unwillingness or inability to track and reengage their website visitors.

I got an email just the other day from one of my Insider Email members who was looking for advice on his business. He is running display ads and he said the following:

“I know how you feel about display type ads, and I know you think email marketing is much more effective.”

I think?


I KNOW…Continue reading

Here’s What NOT To Do On Social Media…

learn what NOT to do on social media - Kenneth Holland

Ready to learn what NOT to do on social media and become insanely wealthy and poop Lambos? Don’t do it. That’s right: STOP. How come???

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire.

She attained this almost impossible (and for most…totally needless) goal by being part of a famous family known for being…


And leveraging Social Media.

Good for her…and her family. But they still don’t know how to sell.

And that’s potentially YOUR problem…if you’re wasting your time trying to make sales on Social Media.

If you think that IT will make you rich? I’m here to tell you…it won’t.

Pictures of your ass 7 times a day isn’t a business…even if your bio says ‘Public Figure’ and ‘Business Inquiries’. I don’t care how good the Yoga pants look…. *makes sure my girlfriend isn’t in the room* ok…I DO like them…but you’re still not a business.

At least a sustainable one.Continue reading

Can I have some retargeting benefits with that email please?

retargeting benefts - Kenneth Holland

Do you remember the kid in school that got the retargeting benefits on his back with the words ‘kick me’ written on it? That was me. Now I make $$ with it

Do you remember the kid in school that got the piece of tape slapped on his back with the words ‘kick me’ written on it?

He was the one that got picked on hence the ‘kick me’ campaign.

In full transparency, I was victim of this on several occasions until I finally turned around and decked a kid named Jeff Overton for RETARGETING me.

He was trying to steal my snacks…eh! The vermin!

Yes, I was retargeted…old school version.

If you don’t know what retargeting is, it’s the ability to grab the information from someone who visited your website or an ad you’re running. With that info you can run further ads to that same visitor, massively increasing your awareness and/or conversions because that visitor has seen you before.

It is very powerful.

Chances are you’re not doing it. And actually that’s ok…for now.

For now…not in the future.Continue reading

How to Increase Your Average Unsubscribe Rate in Your Emails (what??)

Are you increasing your average unsubscribe rate in your emails? - Kenneth Holland

Are you increasing your average unsubscribe rate in your emails? Huh?? Yep. If not…you are doing something wrong. Here is why…

It never fails to amuse and warm the cockles of my heart.

Often I’ll get a reply from one of my brilliant, carefully crafted literary pieces of gold…otherwise known as my daily emails, that goes somewhat like this:

“Your email cracked me up!”

“I never thought of it like that. Love the way you framed that.”

Butt…then I will occasionally get this:

“You know you’re turning people off with the way you write.”

“I was very disappointed. It screamed ‘SALES’, and put me off completely.”

“I’m very thin-skinned and you offended me to the point that I have to stay home for a week and get government assistance!”

Ok ok……kkkkkkk….ok! That last one didn’t happen. I’m sure they didn’t stay home for the WHOLE week. *wink*

Now look my young, good looking (but not quite as hot as the Kenster!) disciples of fine taste, impeccable fashion and BOLD choices of who you follow on the interwebs (that would be me again)….

I encounter the same situation with the majority of my coaching clients (this very well could be you):Continue reading

High-Flying Affiliate Mistakes You Can (Not) Run From Your Phone – The Week in Review


I’ll never understand why people sell themselves short. Demonstrating a higher value not only helps you but helps the person you’re selling to.

This past week I touched (down) on leveraging the efforts of others in your product/service offerings and warned of being complacent. I also told the tale of a man who frankly makes most of us wimps when it comes to commitment and overcoming the odds.

So put down your phone for a few minutes (since it ain’t about to do any selling for ya) and give this a read…Continue reading

The Real Meaning of Commitment: Niki Lauda

real meaning of commitment - Kenneth Holland

There are those that THINK they are commited. Then there is Niki Lauda. And he exemplifies the real meaning of commitment. Tire kickers take note…

‘…as the doctor pulled the long thin vacuum tube from out of his mouth (down to his lungs), Niki said…

do it again.’

Niki Lauda, a legendary Formula 1 racecar driver from the 70’s and 80’s, had been injured in a crash in Germany in 1976. Most of his face and scalp were burned badly, but what threatened his life were the deep burns in his lungs as he sat in his flaming race car inhaling hot gases.

Miraculously, he survived. But the doctors had to continuously vacuum the fluid from his lungs. Lauda was determined to race again that same year and reportedly urged the doctors to suck the poison out of his lungs as fast as possible, despite the intense pain.

Lauda not only was able to step back in to his race car 6 weeks later (the liner of his helmet soaked with blood after his first race back), Lauda would Continue reading

Why you can’t run a business from your phone

run a business from your phone - Kenneth Holland

I just love the new wave of ads selling you the BS idea that you can run a business from your phone! No, you can’t. President? Yes. You? No. Here’s why…(…why do I have a TV remote to my ear???

It’s so easy.

So so easy.

“Run your business from your phone! Make thouuuuusands!!”


Smartphones have revolutionized communication. They do an amazing amount of things. There are an endless number of apps that gives us users an endless amount of ‘angles’ to (hopefully!) make our lives easier.

It can even help our business.

But you can’t run your entire business on it. Nor should you want to.

Disagree? Well let’s look…Continue reading

Caught with their pants down…a tale of arrogance

They were caught with their pants down -

They were successful…and arrogant. They ignored the signs and as a result were caught with their pants down. Will you follow their lead?

It was the early 90’s…the blow, the women (and men), the payola and the good times were had by all.

Oh yes…it was the heyday of the music industry…the gloves were off.

And I had a front row seat.

I worked in a mailroom for a major music industry trade publication. They collected ungodly sums to promote new and existing artists. The artists would come in to grease our wheels to make sure THEY were getting greased.

BIG money. I saw firsthand. Trust me…I often ran the bank deposits.

But the cracks started to form…if you were smart enough to look…Continue reading