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Dallas Morning News Layoffs – Why Cost Cutting Will No Longer Work

dallas morning news layoffs - Kenneth Holland

The Dallas Morning News announced the layoffs of 43 employees the other day citing cost reductions as the reason. This is why the move won’t work…

The following is a written transcript from my video “Dallas Morning News Layoffs – The REAL Truth That Affects Digital Marketers” that appears on my Youtube channel ‘Kenneth Holland’. (If you’d like to subscribe, you can HERE):


Whoa, what’s going on everybody? Kenneth Holland here with the Friday edition of the Dot Com Minute. Hope everyone is having a good day. It’s a little gloomy and it’s supposed to rain later here in Dallas. What else is new? I want to talk and do a quick video today about the Dallas Morning News. Now this is more of a local regional story to Texas, but it’s yet another example of where business is leaning towards online, but it’s not what you think.Continue reading

Why You Want Them to Leave Your Email List

why you want them to leave your list - Kenneth Holland

Are you building your email list? No? Well if you are (and you still SHOULD be) I’m going to tell you why you want them to leave your list…

I get this concern over and over…and over again.

“I don’t want to email my list too much…so how much is too much?”

I’m not sure why people are afraid to email their list.

Maybe it’s because you’ve finally attracted subscribers….and hence don’t want them to leave.

You do.

Maybe it’s because you’re sensitive and don’t want to make people mad.

Make them mad.

Let me give you a little insight on what I have basically done for years in regards to my lists:Continue reading

Did it go according to plan?

Did it go according to plan? - Kenneth Holland

Well…here we are…and we’re usually asked 2 questions if it went ‘according to plan’ (or some variation of them)…

Well…here we are.

The grand calendar has been laid down before us once again, and we’re usually asked 2 questions (or some variation of them):

“How did your year go?”

“What’s your New Years Resolution?”

It’s the ‘end of the year’, and we all have various levels of reflection: “Did I accomplish IT?” “Was THIS YEAR successful?”

Well…was it?

Did it go according to plan?

Most likely not.

But that’s not the point.Continue reading

Suffer From Social Media Phobia? Do This…

Do you suffer from Social Media Phobia? - Kenneth Holland

Do you suffer from Social Media Phobia? If you do, let me give you one key remedy (kinda like a cough syrup) because you’re gonna need it…

It’s the new scourge of the earth and taking down anyone who gets in its way.

It doesn’t discriminate.

It’ll chew you up and spit you out.

It plays with Hot Wheels.

(Ok…I got a little carried away there…)

I’m talking about the dreaded disease, Social Media Phobia.

Let me bold it and put in italics: Social Media Phobia. (Not sure that’ll be any good for SEO)

And if you suffer from this malady, let me give you one key remedy (kinda like a cough syrup).Continue reading

The Patreon Controversy and the Control of your Content [VIDEO]


I have preached incessantly on the importance of controlling your content for years. Maybe that’s simply not possible anymore…

I have preached incessantly on the importance of controlling your content for years and we have yet another example of content creators being cut off at the knees…

Patreon, an online video sharing platform which enables users to solicit donations from viewers for the exclusive viewing of their content, banned popular Patreon video creator Sargon of Akkad for violating their terms of service.Continue reading

Why Google Adsense is not a long-term profit solution

why Google Adsense is not an effective long-term business model - Kenneth Holland

Google Adsense is a very popular method to monetize a website. However, I’ll show you why Google Adsense is not an effective long-term business model…

Once you’ve set up your own web property (website, blog etc…) and start pushing out content the next goal usually is monetizing that content.

And the first strategy that comes to mind is putting ads on your pages…commonly referred to as display advertising.

In short (for those new to display ads), it’s the process of placing advertisements on your web site and you earn money when a visitor clicks on an ad (click-based ads) or when the page is simply viewed (impression-based ads).

One of the most popular display networks for earning money is Google Adsense.

Adsense is fairly easy to get started with. You sign up and once you’re approved you place some code on your website and ads will start to appear on your pages.

For most, it can be a great way to start earning SOME money for your content.

Some.Continue reading

Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies – The Week in Review


If you saw me on one of Instagram today, you’ll notice I was a pale shade of white (is that redundant?). I was holiday shopping. How do people do it? Likewise, how do people DO and NOT DO some of the things I ranted so eloquently about this week? I try to be helpful…but some just do not want to see the forest for the Christmas trees. Ok, that was bad. But if you want to know how to run an online business that doesn’t resemble Kris Kringle these posts will help…

Commitment Phobia, Retargeting and Spam Selfies – The Week in Review

Continue reading

Why You Won’t Commit to Your Goals…

why we won't commit - Kenneth Holland

It’s a powerful thing TO DECIDE that we’re going to do something. But so many won’t commit to their goals and aspirations. This may be why…


Just the sound of the word can conjure a feeling of…’finality’. ‘Lock down’.

But it can also suggest ‘solidarity’. ‘Discipline’.

Funny how a word can elicit different feelings and emotions. And they can oftentimes be very contradictory.

I sometimes reflect on the numerous occasions in my life when I could not…would not…commit to a endeavour, business or personal.

“Well, it’s a big decision.” I would reassure myself. And indeed, some decisions ARE big decisions and can create a good measure of uncertainty. And they SHOULD be carefully weighed.

Then there are ‘things’ that we cannot commit to…won’t commit to. And we wonder why.

It’s about failure. Knowing if something will simply work. But not just failure. What if whatever we commit to DOES work?Continue reading

The Damage Social Media Prospecting Can Do To Your Business

Social Media Prospecting - Kenneth Holland

How someone decided that Social Media Prospecting is a good thing is beyond me…unless you treat your business like a hobby. Do you want a real business?

“Here’s what the big earners do now…running ads is obsolete.”

And then he proceeded to show me the ins and outs of ‘leveraging your personal Facebook profile for big earnings’.

I lasted 4 days and finally came to my senses. “What the hell am I doing?” I muttered to myself.

This was 4 years ago, and I had just come back to internet marketing after a self-imposed ‘retirement’. I had been gone long enough so when I returned I made the mistake of listening to someone who talked a good game and had a ‘reputation’ (boy…did he I would later find out) of making big money (he didn’t) and that he had ‘cracked the code’ on Facebook.

‘Strike up conversations with people on your Facebook friends list!’ ‘Add new people every day and talk to them too…!!!’

Maybe someone has taught you this method. Maybe you’re doing some form of this now.

Best case scenario: this is NOT a long-term solution. Worst case (more likely): You are hurting your present and future business reputation.Continue reading

Here’s What NOT To Do On Social Media…

learn what NOT to do on social media - Kenneth Holland

Ready to learn what NOT to do on social media and become insanely wealthy and poop Lambos? Don’t do it. That’s right: STOP. How come???

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire.

She attained this almost impossible (and for most…totally needless) goal by being part of a famous family known for being…


And leveraging Social Media.

Good for her…and her family. But they still don’t know how to sell.

And that’s potentially YOUR problem…if you’re wasting your time trying to make sales on Social Media.

If you think that IT will make you rich? I’m here to tell you…it won’t.

Pictures of your ass 7 times a day isn’t a business…even if your bio says ‘Public Figure’ and ‘Business Inquiries’. I don’t care how good the Yoga pants look…. *makes sure my girlfriend isn’t in the room* ok…I DO like them…but you’re still not a business.

At least a sustainable one.Continue reading

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