Are Giveaways a Waste of Time?

March 13, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'Are giveaways a waste of time? I don't know...if you have a crush on Monty Hall or Gene Rayburn...I guess no. But I'd rather work for my shit. Call me nuts...'

I luvvvvv the season of giving…

…otherwise known as ‘retail’s mission to reduce your bank account as much as possible for 2 months’.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the holi-daze. But I think as I get older I’ve become a bit more cynical with all the holiday product ads we get bombarded with…especially the car ads: ‘Merry New Year honey…here’s proof of my love…hope I spent enough on the new ‘Beemer for you!’



Which I think is why I was never excited by giveaways…and why I (to date) have never run one.

Lately I’ve seen a bunch of ’em in the home biz industry. Russell Brunson has an iPad giveaway for example. Actually, most of us do them with our lead magnets. However, we ARE asking for something in return.

Are Giveaways a Waste of Time? Personally? Not Interested. Here's Why...

I think it’s because I don’t operate on the ‘chance’ mentality. I’ve made it pretty clear what I think of lotteries (if you don’t know…ask me). I operate on more of a ‘certainty bias’. I gravitate to things that I can control and affect the outcome.

In business, this is a must.

For me, when I see these, I’m like…’bleh’…next. Give me a short tutorial on how to DO something.

Give me a nugget of value…now I’m listening.

Teach me for goodness criminy!

Again this is just me. If you like entering contests, that’s great. They ain’t gonna hurt you (as long as you don’t think wasting your time hurts you) and you might get lucky. But don’t base your future and your business on them. Think of them like entertainment. Or a stripper…

Now, in full disclosure, I might test doing a giveaway now since writing this is giving me ideas. I’m ALWAYS for testing (as you should be as well).

As I mentioned above, I’m not a fan of lotteries. And it’s not about the odds of winning (nil) as much as it is the message it sends your brain. They’ve done studies on it.

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In my esteemed opinion you should jump on it.

Oh, and this isn’t really a giveaway…as you’ll soon see. And the great thing is you’ll start learning what you need to do to start making some real semolians by actually giving a hoot about your customers (this is a good thing by-the-by).

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Oh, and don't forget to bring me a ‘sammich as well…and give it to me free…