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$252,564 in a single month – Is this even real??


dog-expressionA subject line like the one you just read screams a lot of hype, don’t it??

It surely does.

Except this is VERY real.

This is the amount Dean Holland made in one month employing the strategies covered in his ‘Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret’ training.


One month.Continue reading

“Thank you for telling me the truth”


Thank you for telling me the truthIt’s a movie scene that frankly gives me goose bumps and chokes me up every time I watch it.

“Thank you for telling me the truth.”

“You deserve it.” replied Dr. Chandra.Continue reading

This Sounds Like Some Stupid-Ass Infomercial

used-car-salesman…with a used car salesman whos pants are too tight standing next to his blonde sidekick who just got a tune-up on her knockers.

This whole ‘Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret’ sounds just a bit sleazy.

I get you hoss.

I don’t particularly like the name either.

It comes off a tad too hypey, shall we say.

But here’s the thing:Continue reading

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know


dont-knowIt pervades the online marketing space like the plague.

Your frustration of trying to make money online.

But the good news is…

…it doesn’t have to be this way.Continue reading

Why Following Your Passion is Baloney

Following Your Passion is Baloney

‘I’m gonna be a millionaire running from these bulls!!’

Everyone harps on and on about…

“following your passion”

I call Cow Dung. Or bull…


The magical mystical phrase of wisdom and empowerment can actually get you in to business trouble.Continue reading

‘Oh…I Don’t Have Any Money’

I Don't Have Any Money

‘I’m working on getting that 5 bucks together!’

Frankly…this one makes me laugh.

‘I don’t have the money to do this.’

I get this a lot.

Here’s the brutal truth:

If you don’t have $4.95 (for measly shipping) to grab Dean’s Dirty Affiliate Secret (which, by the by, is refundable)…Continue reading

Did it Pass You Like a Fart in the Wind??


Did it pass you like a fart in the wind?The Warden was pissed…and couldn’t believe it.

After all, how could a prisoner in a maximum security prison bust out of his cell and escape…

…without even disturbing the crickets?Continue reading