Accountability Groups? What...are we still in Kindergarten??

Accountability Groups? What…are we still in Kindergarten??


“….annnnndddd, when you buy in to our super-wiz-bang-make-3K-by-tomorrow biz-opp you’ll have access to our sooper-elite Facebook accoountability group to keep you on track…..uh….uh…..

When can I throw up?

Much is made these days about accountability groups. They are supposed to ‘keep us on track’ and ‘to get that push from others’.

What rubbish.

Accountability Groups? What…are we still in Kindergarten?? [VIDEO]

Let me ask you: Do you think Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos had to join an accountablity group to keep him motivated to build his business? Bill Gates? Elon Musk? Tom Brady? Honey Boo-Boo? (ok…scratch that last one)

In the interest of not confusing you (sometimes I do that because of my ‘superior intellect’) there is a difference between ‘accountability’ and ‘mentorship’ when it comes to our discussion:

Accountability comes from within. You KNOW when to be committed or accountable…and then YOU act. You don’t need some rah-rah group to push you towards ‘success’. If you do, you need to rethink the wisdom in that endeavor.

Mentorship is guidance…knowledge. Someone that can help you along to understand and (hopefully) implement what you have (or are) learning.

Accountability in and of itself…is fine…even necessary in many instances.

A great example of when an accountability group is needed is in Kindergarten…if you don’t do what the teacher says you get whacked in the Pahrump with the ruler (well you did in the 70’s…now you’d be in jail but whatever…)

I want to point out that I first thought about this from reading a post by master email expert Ben Settle who covered this very subject. As you know, I don’t recommend too many other marketers, but I do here. (you should subscribe to his email list…he is brilliant and you’ll learn a ton from him)

Focus your efforts on what juices you…not something that requires coach McGillicutty booting you outta bed because you don’t really want it.

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