About Kenneth

I have been in online marketing since 2001. I have taught aspiring internet entrepreneurs not only the latest cutting edge strategies to help their build their businesses, but to give them the real scoop on what is REALLY required to make it successful, without it dominating every second of their life.

But, my desires and goals have changed.

Part of these concepts and strategies now include life lessons, commentary (which WILL ruffle some feathers), travel, video vlogs and even food (I like to eat sometimes). The reason for these changes are simple: I have changed, I'm getting older and want to enjoy life...and maybe most importantly, inspire others to do the same.

Yes, I will still teach and discuss income production outside of a typical 9 to 5 existence. But the 'traditional' 'Internet Marketing' 'get-rich-quick' BS will never be found here (it never has actually). My utter disgust for that 'industry' has led me to move far away from it and show you how to live within your means, but still be able to do it on your terms.

Here's the no-holds-barred bottom line:

Your future, now more than ever, depends on chucking the 'other people have my back' mentality and learn the strategies to tilt your life in your favor on YOUR terms wherever you are.

What Do YOU Do Next?

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