Is It About To Get Real Yet?

February 19, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

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Shit's About to Get Real Alright - Here’s what Abraham Lincoln went through before he became President of the United States:

Mother Died -1809
Sister Died -1808
Failed in Business – 1831
Defeated – Illinois Election – 1832
Fiancee Died – 1835
Nervous Breakdown -1836
Defeated – U.S. Congress – 1843
Father Died – 1851
Defeated – U.S. Senate – 1855
Defeated – Vice President – 1856
Defeated U.S. Senate – 1858

Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken) went through most of his adult life in a series of personal heartbreaks and business failures.

Are you going to go through this kind of heartache in trying to reach your goals? Obviously I can’t know but I will say…

You probably won’t. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

To you youngsters out there, do you know how much harder it was to start your own business before the internet?

No, you don’t. Not your fault…but you don’t.

The internet has given opportunity to the average person like the world has never seen. But here’s the thing: You not only have to seize that opportunity, you have to seize the REALITY.

The crap listed above is NOT opportunity. It is NOT your ticket.

That stuff is smoke and mirrors, hypey drivel…and outright lies.

YOUR success depends on being REAL with yourself and figuring out what it will really take to be successful in your life. And then implementing it.

There are no loopholes.

You can get real with yourself...or fall for the bullshit.

Your choice.