September 20

A watched blog WILL boil if you do this…

rabbit-blogHave you ever heard of Law of Attraction?

It’s a ‘belief’, if you will, that what you think about most will manifest in your life.

For example:

Yesterday, I focused on a Ferrari 488 Spyder appearing in my driveway. And I’ll be damned…

…if it didn’t appear.


I was duped dammit!

I want my money back!

Here’s my take on the LOA:

I think there’s a lot of truth to it.


It’s followed by the ‘Law of Action.’

In other words…

stop dreaming and start DOING.

Yes, I think what you focus on most in your mind influences you greatly.

I don’t care what you call it…Law of Attraction, Scientology (no…I’m NOT a Scientologist…and don’t let Tom Cruise know that!), or just flat out positive thinking.

Consistent direction of your mind to positive outcomes work…and I’m proof baby.


You gotta back it up with action.

What does this have to do with Blogging you ask?

Get your crayons out to take a few notes here:

Once you start posting to your blog, people need to know your posts exists, right??

Here’s a simple strategy that I use every day:

Post your blog posts to relevant Facebook and Google Community Groups.

There are groups for every conceivable market in these two social behemoths to keep you endlessly busy.

Pick 20, 30 or 40. When you write a post…or even curate a post…then post them to those groups.

I post to about 70 different groups every day like I said. Takes me about half an hour.

Over time, this really adds up folks. It’ll give you visibility, and….

wait for it…

it’ll build your BRAND.

Not hard to do. But can generate huge results.

There you go. A nice traffic generation trick from yours truly…the esteemed Grand Master of pulling Rabbits out of a hat.

Or something along those lines.


Speaking of Law of Attraction, you’re actually going to see a blog appear before your very eyes…

if you take me up on my no-cost Blog Setup offer.

See? I’ll give L. Ron Hubbard, Dr. Phil and David Copperfield a run for their dad-gummed money!




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