A House Built on Sand … a Social Media Fable

February 14, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

...but everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand...

Ah...and such it is with social media...







You HAVE to be there...right?

Online Marketing has changed and Social Media has changed the way we interact with one another…


But, all those huge websites I speaketh above are built on a house of sand.

So what do I mean?

Let's look...

Is Your Online Future Built on a House of Sand?

1. Facebook

Biggest social network in the world. Facebook is not 'on the internet'...it's a significant part of the internet (big difference).

But have you been paying attention to what Zuckerberg is doing?

For years now Facebook has throttled the reach of your personal profiles, business pages and now Facebook Groups. If you’re lucky you might get 1% of your followers/friends to actually see your posts.

Oh sure, you can increase the amount of reach for your posts.

Guess how?


You pay them.

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

It’s Zuck’s sandbox. And he and his minions are making billions doing this.

Pay to play baby.

I won't even get in to who they're kicking off the platform. Why? It doesn't matter...and it doesn't matter because it just supports what I'm telling you: They own your content. Period.

2. Twitter

The average Tweet gets seen by 2% of your followers. And you’re limited to 140 characters…not exactly a hub to produce long-form content unless you link out to something (which you of course should).

3. Instagram

Images are great…but how do you build a true branding identity with just images?

Uh…you don’t.

I can hear it now...."Ken! Lot's of people are building huge businesses on the back of Instabooty!!" They are? Wow, I didn't know Instagram had been sold...

4. Pinterest

Now, Pinterest IS a little different. You would never have the goal of just running a business off of the platform like the others. But, for ecommerce...there's a lot of power in leveraging Pinterest. But that's for another article...

5. Youtube

Ah. Now…if I could stake just one network for my branding it would be Youtube. The power of video now cannot be denied. And Youtube’s reach (like Facebook) is HUGE.


This leads me to the most important reason why you MUST control your content…

Do you think that you own your content on Facebook, Twitter or even Youtube?

You do NOT.

Youtube…not to mention any of the other social networks mentioned here, can shut you down for ANY reason they choose…

…and keep your content.

Think that doesn’t happen?

It has happened to me on both Facebook and Youtube. A well-known internet marketer (who I have worked with) had his Youtube channel messed with by the network so many times that he no longer publishes his videos there. He now publishes and hosts them himself.

Now, I had both my accounts reinstated, but I trust you’re catching my drift here.

You are at the mercy of their rules because it’s their playground. If they decide to ban your account or suspend it, you can cry foul all you want, but they’ll decide if they’ll let you back in.

And if they don’t…then what next Charlie?

I’ll say it again:

If you have your own online business , you simply MUST have control of your content!

Now…let me be clear:

You absolutely should be using these social networks to promote your business. Their reach to the masses cannot be denied. (Side note: One of the most misunderstood and underutilized strategies is using retargeting with these platforms to build your business)

But you should always be consistently branding yourself on your own web property.

And one of the easiest, most effective ways to do this is having your own blog.

They've never been easier to set up. You can slap your Youtube videos on there and also put your longer form content that you use for Facebook on it.

(TIP: Always save a copy of ALL your videos/content so if any of the networks give you the shaft you have all your content and it’s still out there…on YOUR site)

It surprises me how many STILL think having a Youtube channel is your business.

It is not.

Don't get caught with your overalls left in the outhouse.

Own and control your own property.