A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted - Kenneth Holland

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted

I never understood the lottery mindset.

You buy a ticket in the ‘hopes’ that you’ll ‘hit it big’. The odds of getting struck by lightning are greater.

At least with lightning you get some excitement out of it whereas the only jollies you’re likely to get with your ticket is the questionable-smelling clerk at the liquor store grunting at you..


(and hey if you play…that’s cooooo’. Whatever gets you down the buffet line)

Just 2 weeks ago there was all matter of hoopla because the U.S. lottery was up to a 768,098 gazillion dollars.

Yay! Sign me up…

Some people would rather waste 5 bucks on a Big Spinny (or whatever they call it) than invest some money that’s actually going to teach them something.

Like how to actually make money so you don’t have to play some rotten game of chance (designed to break you)…because I have a news flash for y’all:

*whispers in your ear* “Um…you ain’t gonna win.”

“Why?” you ask.

“Because you ain’t gonna!!” (this taken from a story my late Dad used to tell me…more on that later…)

A fool and his lack of money are soon parted…because they are a fool…

Look, I don’t wanna rain on your back porch (which of course means get out your umbrella), but lotteries are one of the worst things our government(s) have foisted on to the masses. They give people totally false hope of a different life based on astronomical chance. People go broke playing this crap and I don’t know how lawmakers can sleep at night while letting this sham continue.

Can you tell I’m just a wee bit intense on this subject?

So what do you do?

I’ll tell you exactly what…and it ain’t a new concept either:

It’s called educating yourself how to start your own business, either on the side part-time or full-time because you accept that you’re gonna go balls to the wall and crush it like a bug. Then, you actually start DOING one of the two.

And THE best way for the little guy person (who doesn’t have to be little for long) to achieve this is with affiliate marketing.

THE. BEST. WAY. And I’ve proven it for 17 years.

Want to know how?

Book a FREE call with me and I’ll tell ya. No obligation. No arm twisting.

You either believe what I’m doing and want to join in (IF we’re a fit…I don’t accept everybody) or you do not and you decide you want to keep playing with golf clubs in thunderstorms.

It’s up to you.

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