90% of success is just showing up

90% of success is just showing up


siestaDid you go to work today?

Did you go to work yesterday?

Let me ask you this:

Did you NOT go to your job for the last two weeks because ‘you didn’t feel like it?’

I’m better dollars to donuts that you DID go to work.

I think we all know what would happen if you didn’t.

**90% of success is just showing up**

But here’s what I see with beginners when they come to me and ask how they can get started in their own online business.

They ‘try’ for a few weeks…or a few days…

and then open this large sack:

It’s called the excuse bag.

‘I’m too busy…I had to go to this party…I have 3 kids to take care of….


**90% of success is just showing up**

If you’re focused you can run your biz an hour or two each day and make some serious headway.

Or, if you’re really serious about changing your life you can come home, eat, kiss the dog and work from 7 till 2 AM. That’s 7 hours a day of investment in your business.

This is a huge reason I promote the use of email in your marketing. You can queue up a daily email (like yours truly) and send it to your list.

The goal is to promote a contact point…some kind of engagement with your audience… to your tribe. And ideally should be made daily.

it’s not that hard folks.

**90% of success is just showing up**

‘I can’t write like you Ken.’

You don’t have to.

Go find news in your niche, post and comment on it. Give a daily tip…something small. Content is freaking everywhere. The possibilities are endless.

Folks in your market are starving for content.

Be the one to give it to them.

But if you’re gonna give it a hit and a swipe or ‘when you feel like it’…stop now.


Get in the habit…start small if you have to..

but for Christ Sakes start.


**90% of success is just showing up**

Most people won’t show up.

Be the one who does and start OWNING your market.


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