8 Social Media Tools for Marketing for 10 Bucks (or Free!)

8 Social Media Tools for Marketing for 10 Bucks (or Free!)


social media tools for marketingAs Social Media continues to explode in popularity it is essential to a have social media tools for marketing and your strategy going forward. But as you expand your business and add more tools to manage your business, the costs add up! So I compiled a short list of 8 great tools proven to help push your business forward for $10 or under…and in some cases free.

So without further ado, let’s take a look…

8 Social Media Tools for Marketing for 10 Bucks (or Free!) [VIDEO]


Hootsuite - KennethHolland.com

Hootsuite is one of the older and most popular social media scheduling tools online. Hootsuite offers bulk scheduling of your posts, real-time analytics, RSS integration and more. The nice thing is they offer a free plan. It does have some limitations on the free plan but for basic scheduling of your posts it does a really solid job. I have been using Hootsuite for several years and only upgraded to a paid pro plan 6 months ago so the free plan works well.. I highly recommend them.


Buffer - KennethHolland.com

Buffer is a very well regarded social media tool that almost always gets great reviews. (Full disclosure…I have never used them) A unique feature of Buffer is you set a posting schedule, drop posts in and Buffer will send them out according to what you set. A great time-saver. Buffer also has a free account but with their next tier you can have up to 10 social media accounts and it’s only $10 a month. That’s a pretty awesome value.


IFTTT - KennethHolland.com

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. IFTTT automates tasks between different platforms. Example: ‘Receive an email when someone replies to you using a certain ‘keyword’.’ Again, that’s an example, but IFTTT can do so many different tasks between services and apps it’s quite impressive. The best part is it’s free.

Manage Flitter

ManageFlitter - KennethHolland.com

Ok, I’m fudging on this one just a bit, as their paid plan is $12 a month (they do have a free plan but it’s rather limited). I’m including this because I use Manage Flitter every single day to grow my Twitter following. You can use comprehensive filters when following new users so you avoid spam accounts and users who do not fit your niche. You can also see at a glance who is not following you and unfollow quickly. I really recommend you give MF a look.

Social Oomph

Another tool that’s been around for quite awhile. With SO you can schedule updates, find users to follow who fit your demographics, tracks mentions, etc… I used to use them but that was a few years ago.  They have a free plan.


Manychat is a bit different from the above tools as it does not manage social media accounts per se. What it does is it allows you to start building a Facebook Messenger list….similar to an email list. I cannot stress how important it is to start doing this! Facebook Messenger Marketing is exploding and the open rates are off the charts! I routinely get ABOVE a 90% open rate when I send out a message! You will NEVER get even remotely close to that with email. Pricing starts at $10 a month. If I could recommend one tool on this list this is it. It’s THAT important.


Mavsocial allows you to schedule and publish your social media content to over 50 different networks (pretty impressive) but in addition they help you manage your images with built-in photo editing tools where you can add filters and text overlays. I have this tool on my to-do list to try and have heard a ton of good things about them.


One of the Granddaddys of social media management tools, Tweetdeck has been around for years and is now owned by Twitter. It’s totally free to use and like Hootsuite and other tools, it manages all your Twitter accounts (yes…it’s only for Twitter) where you can schedule and track posts, follow hashtags, etc… You can also run it through a Chrome app…nice.

There are so many social media tools for marketing out there and an increasing amount are getting more expensive. It’s always a win when you can reduce your budget without sacrificing quality and ease of use. These tools above definitely fit the bill…so go check them out.

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