50 Shades of Grey Hat SEO

March 16, 2021

by Kenneth Holland

'There are many tools online that can help you immensely in your business. But don't dabble with grey hat seo. You've been warned.'

“Christian, you are the state lottery, the cure for cancer, and the three wishes from Aladdin’s lamp all rolled into one”.

“The quick fix is the ONLY way to get results these days. If you’re doing ANYTHING ‘by hand’ online you must be lost, no??"

“I mean, for crying out loud, you don’t actually write your own content, do you? I mean…that would be insane. Let me sell you a software that does it for you.”

ah…beware of these charlatans.

But let’s back up for a moment…

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Grey-Hat SEO, or ‘Grey-Hat Marketing’ is simply someone online who doesn’t have an outright malicious intent to market to others unethically, but will ‘bend the rules’ to get their desired result. Really, grey-hat coined its term from computer hackers but has since ‘evolved’ in to marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) to gain an edge, often at the expense of others or to try to ‘fool’ YOU (buy my ‘semi’ scammy shit) or Google (try to cheat Google with ranking ‘hacks’).

Now that we’ve covered the ‘what is’ for context, how does this apply to YOU??

Oh…my young grasshopper…it surely has everything to do with you…so listen up:

Grey Hat SEO Techniques Ruined My Business

Back in 2005, I purchased a ‘grey-hat’ software that exploited Google as did many other marketers (no, I’m not telling you the name…it’s long gone). This software was against Google’s terms of service.

The result of using that software? I made a cool 82K in 6 months. Nice! Right??

Yep…until Google wiped out all my ‘spammy’ rankings and my income dropped to a big fat goose egg in 2 weeks. But worse than that, Google deranked all my other legitimate websites that had NADA to do with the ‘spam’ sites I was running (they’re smart folks). So my 'real' sites were ruined. 

Look, everyone wants to gain an edge. I get it. But if you want to build a business long-term, you need to treat it long-term. Put value out there that people will benefit from. They sorely need it. And if you don’t do that in your business, you will always be chasing the shortcut. And most shortcuts leave you…short.

Oh…and how long did it take me to recover from the Google axe? Over 3 years. I ended up broke.

Don’t be an asinine dummy like me.

The 'Grey' Area is Drab for a Reason!


– Buy software that claims to build all your links for you (they don’t work).

– Use programs that claim to write content for you (I tried those and they’re all terrible).

– Try to screw people (I think this one is obvious).

Yes, LEGIT tools can help you immensely in your business. I use quite a few (autoresponders, etc…). But nothing replaces YOU, your personality, your content (that comes from the heart) and your willingness to help those who are truly ready FOR YOUR HELP.

This isn’t rocket science. Give people the solution they are searching for.

That’s called a real business.