4 Reasons to Use Pinterest (other than redesigning your bathroom)

4 Reasons to Use Pinterest (other than redesigning your bathroom)

4 reasons to use pinterest for online marketing - KennethHolland.com

Most people think Pinterest is only for cake recipies and pillow pics. Let me add 4 reasons to use Pinterest to build your online business…

I’ve never been one to bake…or redesign my bathroom…

…although I consume both on an almost daily basis…

(ok…we’ll leave it at that!)


I’ve quickly become a big fan of Pinterest.

Therefore, I’m about to give you 4 reasons to use Pinterest for your online business, but first, a few quick stats on the visual search engine:

> There are over 250 million active users on Pinterest

> 2 million shopping pins are saved PER DAY

> Although 80% of Pinterest users are females, 40% of new signups are men.

> Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram…especially for buying decisions

You can read more stats here.

4 Reasons to Use Pinterest (in Addition to Your Baking Recipes)

1: Backlinks:

Every Pin you pin (get it?) can (and should) contain a link back to whatever your website you want to promote. So as you build pins on a consistent basis you build backlinks and authority to your site(s).

2: Pinterest is a Great Source of Referral Traffic:

If your pin is engaging enough, users are going to click through

3: It Increases Your Brand Awareness:

Every image you create should be consistent with your brand (logo, graphics etc…) and as you increase your pins your audience will be more exposed to you.

4: You Don’t Need to Build Followers:

Unlike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you don’t really need to worry about gaining followers. The reason is Pinterest is more of a search engine. Users on the platform will find you if your pin is engaging and either click through to your site or re-pin your image. For example, I know a gal who has 20K followers on Pinterest but over 2 MILLION monthly views. Powerful stuff.

Those are 4 pretty compelling reasons.

The takeaway here is you need to be on this network to promote your affiliate marketing business, or any service for that matter.

So go start an account and start building your boards.

(If you want to see my new board it’s https://www.pinterest.com/kennethholland64/)

I’m going in-depth with my coaching students on how to leverage Pinterest for massive traffic to their businesses so if you’re interested then book a no-cost strategy call with me:


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