4-Minute Delusions Betting with Bernie Madoff - The Week in Review

4-Minute Delusions Betting with Bernie Madoff – The Week in Review


Today’s Week in Review covers delusion, Bernie Madoff, Tim Ferris and betting on Hummer drivers carrying beers. Sounds like a personal problem…

I have this recurring dream where I’m at Aqueduct Horse Race track with Bernie Madoff and we’re betting long shot after long shot. After a couple races where we lose our a@#, Bernie turns to me and says, “don’t worry kid…this next one’s a winna!”

Ok, I don’t have these dreams (mine are mostly about me and Tara Reid launching a tequila startup), but with a lot of the stuff I see posted on social media regarding peoples’ ‘online businesses’, I feel it’s my god-given duty to champion the scrolls of reality (while wandering the desert in a Hummer with a keg attached).

With that being said…

The 4 Minute Work Week Ain’t Gonna Work For You…Here’s Why…

Tim Ferris. Couches. Snuggies. Actually, only 2 of these go together as I really do like Tim Ferris and what he teaches. However, some are confusing ‘The Clapper’ with actual work. Here’s my take (actually gospel).

“I Have To Work Hard?” Yes…Should I Get Your Bankie Now??

A good friend of mine used to call me about every two weeks and say ‘work is cancelled’. That was his code that we were about to head out to a 3 hour lunch while we talked about our lame dating life…and Formula 1 racing (told you I was weird). The problem I see today with the kickers of rubber wheels is they are on a permanent lunch…as in out.

Stay True to Yourself…Unless You’re a Murderer or Bernie Madoff

The one drunk guy in the group at the bar. Yes…him. It’s every week. He’s drunk. He’ll tell you he’s drunk. He’s proud of it and he’ll tell you ‘that’s who he is’. He’s also 52. Stay ‘true’ to the story you tell yourself day after day and you’ll keep getting this.

Are The Optical Delusions Keeping You From Success?

Did you know that if you wander in the desert with no food and water you’ll start to see things that aren’t there? (I don’t because of the aforementioned Hummer and large container of Heineken). Well, I’m out there driving around trying get these lost souls back in the shade (and feed them a glass of Yoohoo) so they can start seeing the business world for what it really is.

It’s time to bet on you

Leave Mr. Madoff at home (well…not home if you know what I mean). You don’t need him…or anyone else for that matter who says you better take the safe road…or the casino. This is YOUR movie and it’s time to hire yourself for the starting role.

I think I need a cold one now…

If you want to know more about my diabolical affiliate methods, go here and bring your bandana. It’s windy out in the desert you know…

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