The 4 'Must-Have' Elements for an Effective Twitter Page [Tutorial]

The 4 ‘Must-Have’ Elements for an Effective Twitter Page [Tutorial]

4 Musts Twitter - Kenneth HollandWhen it comes to Twitter there has been a long-running debate that rages to this day:

“Is Twitter even worth my time?”

“Does Twitter work?”

I am here to tell you that YES…Twitter DOES WORK and can help you build your business IF you use it effectively.

…and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you.

NOTE: Before I proceed I want to point out that I was fairly down on Twitter earlier this year and didn’t recommend using it (unless you spent a minimal amount of time on it). I have changed my position on this since I have discovered some great strategies on how to make it work for you. I want to be transparent with you…like I always am. Ok…onward.

The 4 Things You Must Have for Your Twitter Page [Tutorial] [VIDEO]

[01:10 of video] Upload a Profile Picture

If you want to be taken seriously you MUST upload a Twitter Profile Picture. If the face of your business is you the it needs to be a picture of you. (for example: me). If it’s a business a logo is fine…IF the business is being marketed. The WORST thing you can do here is have no picture at all.

[02:02 of video] Upload a Custom Twitter Header that Describes Your Business

Twitter gives everyone a nice, big space at the top for a custom header. Use it! This is a great place to brand yourself and create authority. Incorporate another picture of you and describe your business. When people come to your Twitter page, this is what they’ll see first. Make it count.

[02:57 of video] Write Out Your Twitter Profile BIO and Have a a Call to Action

Under your Twitter profile pic is your bio. Write out what your about and add a Call-to-Action so you can lead prospects to your desired outcome (such as an email opt-in). You can also add Hashtags relevant to your business and those will show up in Twitter search.

[04:20 of video] Pin Your Best Tweet to the Top of Your Twitter Page

Twitter allows you to pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page. You want to pin a page that will grab your visitors attention or get a lead (another great spot for an opt-in page). This is very effective real estate so that advantage of it.

There you have it. 4 simple tweaks for your Twitter page that will brand you as an authority and get you more leads.

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