You need to start paying attention

February 24, 2022

Start paying attention (but I have to go shop!!)

When you've had it too good for too long, you can lose sight of what the rest of the world contends with regularly. Here's why you should start paying attention.

With the recent developments with Russia invading's obvious it's got a lot of people on edge. I want to relegate this piece mostly to Americans because this has become an increasing problem.

A lot of have asked me when I'm out and about...what's this Russia-Ukraine thing about blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, they're at the mall, shopping...and living lives. 

It's this kind of this pervasive feeling with a lot of Americans,...not all, but a good measure that have this attitude of: 

"Uh, I don't wanna be bothered. Why is this happening? We we're just getting out of the pandemic and now there's some war and gas is gonna go up and the stock market fell today......." 

All of that's true. My answer to those people: Start getting informed instead of burying your fucking head in the sand. (I'll tell you why in a minute)

And if you're somebody who stays informed and you know people who aren't, maybe pass this on to help, or just do your part to implore people to stay freaking informed.

Because we as Americans are so fortunate, you can't even put it in to words in terms of what we have every day.

Yes, Even the Spoiled Should Start Paying Attention

You can't even begin to understand how fortunate we are and the resources we have at our disposal...and the prosperity that we experience. Put aside the pandemic because everybody's dealing with that.

The spoiled say "make it go away, make, go away". You know, kind of that attitude. Well, this stuff doesn't go away. And most of the rest of the world, and I'm, again, I'm speaking to my fellow Americans here. Most of the rest of the world doesn't live as nice as you do.

Not even close.

Now, the people who live at poverty level, yes, not withstanding, okay. But that's for, that's another discussion. Study history, stay informed, do some homework, do some research, maybe do some videos of your own and educate other people.

I'm not gonna get in the ins and outs of Russia and Ukraine. This crap with the Russians has really been going on for hundreds of years. This is rooted in that, but more recently it's rooted in stuff that's happened in the last 35 years....go do your homework and you'll find out what I'm talking about. 


Being informed can help you relay information other than selfies and TikTok videos.

In other words, using social media for a real purpose. Novel concept.

You can see this in action on Twitter right now. What's happening in Ukraine and what's happening to Moscow.  There's people protesting in Moscow and some are getting arrested for protesting the Moscow invasion. 

They're informed.

Put down Your fricking Gucci purse, get out of the mall and get involved and informed because I'm gonna tell you right now we are heading into a rough time. Sure, I hope I'm wrong.

But when this uncertainty lands on your door, what are you do?

"I can't believe it! Where's my purse? Where's my new clothes today?

That's gonna be a fricking distant memory, I can assure you.

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