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Since 2001, Kenneth Holland has taught aspiring internet entrepreneurs and established online businesses not only the latest cutting edge strategies, but given them the real scoop on what is REALLY required to create a location independent income and leverage low overhead...and do it in a no-holds-barred fashion on THEIR terms.

Kenneth Holland

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How to Promote on Social Media Without Spamming

How to Promote on Social Media Without Spamming

'For some mysterious (or lazy) reason it's quite difficult for some learning

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Freebie Hunter and Bear Spray

The Freebie Hunter and Bear Spray

'The typical freebie hunter has one thing in common...actually 74 but let's

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The Customer is Not Always Right

The Customer is Not Always Right, Especially When They’re Clueless

'The customer is not always right, especially when they treat you like

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How Broke Are You

How Broke Are You? And Who’s Fault Is That?

'How broke are you? If it's 'a lot'...it's usually the result of

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How to Deal with Tire Kickers

How to Deal With Tire Kickers and Conspiracy Theorists

'I’m here to lay down a little reality check for the lazy

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why duplication in network marketing is a myth

Why Duplication in Network Marketing is a Myth

'Duplication in Network Marketing has long been touted as 'the escape hatch

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