Freedom, Travel & The Boondoggle of ONE

Don't buy stuff...go DO stuff

August 2, 2023

A traveler from Montana, who prefers to remain anonymous, devised a clever retaliation against a hotel that declined to provide a refund for his stay.This gentleman encountered difficulties when trying to access his pre-booked accommodation due to problems associated with

August 1, 2023

Did you ever think you could binge-watch the entire 'Game of Thrones' series, learn a new language, and perhaps even teach your old dog a new trick while waiting for a simple piece of documentation?Well, welcome to the world of

July 31, 2023

In the past few years the Federal government, various state and local agencies started handing out ungodly sums of stimulus money to businesses (and of course, you and me) due to the shutdowns imposed on the world.The goal of the

July 30, 2023

It's become an all-too familiar tale in the post (sorry, present) overreach world of restrictions, fludemics, and overall jackassery by the good 'ole...G O V T...and the brain dense people who support such shambolic thuggery.Today's installment sees a family-owned Mexican

July 29, 2023

Well, isn't it curious that the bigwigs over at Google are suddenly hush-hush about travel? It's almost as if it's slipped a few rungs on their priority ladder, it would seem.Parent company Alphabet’s chief business officer, Philipp Schindler, told analysts

July 28, 2023

Should you want to obtain a passport from Singapore, consider it a smart move. It may the 'most free' country you're going to deal with for many years...A passport originating from the Southeast Asian nation is officially deemed the most