You Screwed it Up Again...and It's OK

You Screwed it Up Again…and It’s OK


you screwed it upThey are all surprised you screwed it up.

You made a mistake.

Maybe you betrayed a friend.

Maybe you committed a criminal act.

Maybe you even committed adultery.

Maybe you even considered ending it all.

People are shocked you did the ‘unthinkable’. But maybe those very people threw stones with a vengeance…and a guilt.

We’re all so frickin’ concerned and horrified we might screw the pooch. Crash and burn. Commit an error.  Mess it up. Royally f#%$ it up.

The universe laughs at this. The universe laughs at you.


Because the universe expects you to BE massively flawed. Blemished. Damaged. Imperfect.

Screwed up.

That’s called REALITY.

You Screwed it Up and the Mothership is NOT Happy

Society wants you in check. To conform. To tow the company line.

Because to NOT be in the cool kids group would make you a leper and a reject. The group cannot tolerate that. Because those same people are deathly afraid to reveal their true, enormously flawed selves…and instead will make you the scapegoat.

Society…the ship…lives in fear.

But again, the universe looks down and shakes its head. ‘Why put on the facade?’ it asks. ‘Everybody knows everybody else is a screwed up, stumbling mess but are afraid to admit it.’

‘And it’s ok.’

They are afraid you’ll find out that THEY screwed it up.

But you already know.

As a species of animal, we’re SO proud and arrogant of what we are. We are top of the foodchain everyone!!  Look what we’ve accomplished, right??

Take religion:  Jesus fought, drank and helped prostitutes…but most churches can’t be bothered with such grimy handiwork. They need to sing their hyms and fund their stadiums.

Jesus forgives.

But the ship sure as hell doesn’t, do we??

I’m reminded of people I know when they have their first child. ‘I had no idea what I was doing’, they say.

You still don’t. You’re not supposed to. You’re a child too and you have no business bringing kids in to the world…



Yet again, the universe just smiles because IT knows YOU don’t know and it’s OK.

Moose screw up too…but they don’t care. They roam the plains and go eat, poop and sleep.  If there’s a screw up in there they just ignore it.

Guess what?


You should too.

But alas, those humans IN THE KNOW let their brilliantly flawed minds get in the way and even screw up screwing it up!

What the Hell Does Screwing it Up Have to Do With Online Marketing??

Oh.  A lot.

You will make SO MANY mistakes.  You’ll be ridiculed for that ‘Scam Pyramid Scheme’ you’re peddling.  You’ll be judged by those closest to you.  And your reward will be to screw it up and make more mistakes.

Your detractors will say ‘I told you so’.

‘You need to conform’!!

You’ll want to quit.

You’ll want to quit again.

‘What were you thinking?’, you’ll ask yourself.

Because you’re no good.



Don’t believe them.


They’re screwups just like you.

So the next time you screw up and feel all alone…that you’re the only one going through this awful embarrassment and ridicule called screwing up in life, business, love…and fantasy football…just remember:

Every other human on the planet screwed up today too. Most more than you.

We’re all screwed up.

And the universe smiled knowingly, nudged you…and said:

‘It’s ok.  It’s part of the plan.’

‘Carry on and do not quit…

Quitting…that’s NOT part of the plan.’

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