Why Your Hot 2nd Grade Teacher Won’t Help You Make Money Online


Why Your Hot 2nd Grade Teacher Won’t Help You Make Money OnlineThose thigh-high fake leather boots ensured I was not going to be the best student.

Her name was Mrs. Crocker and she was my 2nd grade teacher. And as she walked in on the first day of school I was mezzy-merized. She was tall, sported a mini-skirt and these looooong boots that came up to her knees.

‘What the heck is this’?! I thought to myself. I wasn’t sure why I liked this so much but oh…I knew I did.

Ahhh young youth.

Don’t worry folks, she didn’t take me home to cook Spaghetti O’s paired with a vintage fruit punch to ‘get to know me better’.

To be honest, I don’t remember anything about 2nd grade EXCEPT that mini-skirt and those boots.

You know what else I forgot?

How to use proper grammar.

Now I’m not against ‘proper’ learning.

But I see a lot of people writing emails,
blog posts and social media musings that
sport HUUGGE paragraphs because, evidently,
people think that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to
do. We were taught this in school. Nice
looking, formatted paragraphs that convey
a single thought before moving on to your
next unwieldy block of hard-to-read copy.

That wasn’t even that long and it still made me dizzy!

Look folks, if you’re writing a novel the above probably applies. But we ain’t writing biographies, novels or medical text references.

We’re writing a simple email, a blog or a Facebook post. (don’t blame me if you see a post on FB and they crunch in to one big block of crap…they like to make things look as ugly as possible…don’t ask me why)

Keep your sentences short and punchy.

It makes it MUCH easier to read and convey your message.

You want examples? Um…….

Rarely do I write a paragraph that has more than 3 sentences. Long paragraphs are hard to read and take more concentration.

We’re not here to win a Pulitzer Prize. We’re here to make money.

That’s it folks. Simple to implement.

And to all you ladies who wear thigh-highs, you have my sincere appreciation. 🙂

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